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Out Of Curiosity....(New Style Sleds)

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Out Of Curiosity....(New Style Sleds)

Postby ZRT800 » December 15th, 2002, 8:03 am

Am I the only one that doesn't want to buy a new style sled (Firecat or a REV)? Don't get me wrong, I think they are both awesome sleds, But I think they are purpose built. I haven't rode either of them, but I can't see them being as versatile as the ZR's & MXZ's (leaving out the Polaris' because they still have the same style chassis). I love to ride fast & aggressive, but I also match my speed to whom ever I'm riding with, fast or slow, not too mention, all the off trail riding I do, plus cruising along exploring solo on the lake or trail.

Just something I was thinking about yesterday when riding with 3 F7's. I get the feeling (from people on the forums) that these sleds need to be rode hard all the time, I'm guessing the REV is the same way.

I'm just getting scared that the ZR lineup will disappear leaving the ZL & FC lines. But I think there MUST be alot of people like me who ride every type of condition (flatland) that still want an aggressive sled, but not a full out race (snoCross) sled. By no means am I belittling the ZR, MXZ,EdgeXc, in my opinion the ZR was the most aggressive sled up until this year, & I'm sure the MXZ or Edgexc is your opinion depending on what you ride.

I guess what I'm asking is, do you want the new chassis' (FC & REV), or would you prefer the traditional with stiff suspension (MXZ & ZR)?

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Out Of Curiosity....(New Style Sleds)

Postby kenlacy » December 15th, 2002, 8:15 am

ZRT - I know what you mean - I thought it was smart of Doo to keep the full MXZ line. From all the people talking, the Revs and Firecats require more work to ride in order to get to handle well. The trail sleds, you can workem or just sit back and they are gonna handle well either way.

I am just going off what I've heard so all you relatives of Ski-doo-rules layoff. I will be riding one very soon, as a good friend of mine now has one (when there is snow).

I am not exactly crazy about getting lighter and lighter sleds - we do a lot of lake running and light sleds get thrown around a lot more than those with a little heft to them.
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Out Of Curiosity....(New Style Sleds)

Postby wilson » December 15th, 2002, 8:30 am

I hear ya ZRT. I like the ZR chassis alot. I know there is talk about it going down the rode soon though. I think Cat should do what Doo will do with the MXZ line, just keep it. Will see what happens.
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Out Of Curiosity....(New Style Sleds)

Postby ThunderStruck » December 15th, 2002, 8:42 am

I'm still in full shock that the triples are gone, and if the ZR's disappear that will be even a bigger shock, but a Cat high performance 4-stroke will shatter my fragile heart.
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Out Of Curiosity....(New Style Sleds)

Postby jefff1 » December 15th, 2002, 8:46 am

I feel the same way me aggressive trial riding is my ZL600 with the smart guy suspension..I'm to old to play trail cowboy anyways....I did get a chance to ride a REV yesterday but not enough to give any opinion...same with the RX-1...just a simple guy that's me...
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Out Of Curiosity....(New Style Sleds)

Postby slick_jimmyb » December 15th, 2002, 9:53 am

I ride my REV the way the other riders in the group are riding. It can be rode any way you want. Fast or slow trails, Trail bashing the mogals or sitting back and enjoy the view. It cruises down the trail with the best of the sport class and if you want to ditch bang awhile simply turn up the shock setting. The one bad thing is when you really start riding hard your knees rub on the hood and get kinda sore. It takes quite awhile and its nothing some good pads can't cure.
I know this sounds weird but this REV is the only sled I've ever bought without test riding first. I am very happy with this sled.

Some people won't like it and thats fine. It does take an open mind and some getting used to if you want to try something new.
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Out Of Curiosity....(New Style Sleds)

Postby Burky » December 15th, 2002, 10:13 am

While both the Rev and the Firecats are wonderful sleds chock full of innovation, neither is for me. I prefer the more traditional seating position, and find that the current sleds are more comfortable for me and my type of riding. I'm not sure that somewhere down the line we won't be able to look back at the introduction of those two sleds and point out where sledding made a major change. Remember back a few years ago when motorcycles came in a much more generalized form than they do now. It used to be that you could buy a bike, then change a few items to make it a canyon burner, a saturday night cruiser, or a long distance touring bike. Now you have crotch rockets, cruisers, and tourers, but very little crossover between them. Sleds might be heading the same way, with a definite major difference between the ditch jumpers and everyone else. Whether or not this is really a good thing for sledding, I don't know. I do know that it has harmed motorcycling some, with anyone with a big wallet able to buy a top of the line sportbike regardless of whether or not they have the skills to ride them well. And the frame geometry, super brakes, and small front tires that are copied from road racing make for a questionable handling motorcycle at normal speeds. I used to drive stock cars, and one of the things I learned was that at anything less than racing speeds, the car handled horribly. But put it at that final 10% and it became a different animal. I'm a little afraid of someone who's only knowledge of snowmobiling comes from watching snowcross on TV and then buys a high performance sled to ride on the trails. They ride like the only example they have seen, and it doesn't belong there.
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Out Of Curiosity....(New Style Sleds)

Postby 7up Yours » December 15th, 2002, 10:44 am

Burky, I am with ya. I think both the REV and the Firecat look like imbred love dolls. P.S. guys I am still tring to get back on line. Just stoping in to say hi.
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Out Of Curiosity....(New Style Sleds)

Postby kittykiller » December 15th, 2002, 12:15 pm

Guy's, don't be too hasty to pass judgement. I cannot speak for the firecats because I have not ridden one.(Yet) However, I can speak for the REV and I am here to tell you go ride one !! They are nothing like you think. Just like slick said, you can ride this sled with any group and be totally comfortable. It's not just a ditch banger and you will see Ski-Doo slowly changing the entire line over to some variation of the REV over the next few years. If it were just a ditch banger machine,why did they build a passenger seat for them ?? I've never ditch banged two up before...
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Out Of Curiosity....(New Style Sleds)

Postby Adam 01 » December 15th, 2002, 12:32 pm

Just two words about the REV "TRY IT". If you drive it for a minimum of 1 to 2 hours then get on a big boat like the ZR 800 I bet you you'll want to keep the REV. I used to drive a Mach Z for the last 7 years. It in no way compare to the REV. I tried a 2002 ZR 800 last weekend and it handles and rides like S--T compared to the REV. Don't get me wrong, because the Mach Z was the same way, and it was my old 2002. The REV is far more superior than a ZR 800 it handles better, its faster, and it will handle the trails like it's on rails. The steering is so effortless it feel like power steering. So get out and do like I say. For all you neysayers, go out and try it for a couple of hours then give a honest opinion of the REV, I bet your story will be alot different then. Just make sure the suspension is set right for you, it a very easy adjustment. See ya.
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