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Odometer works... Speedo does not

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Odometer works... Speedo does not

Postby Onzle » February 14th, 2004, 9:11 am

Hi people,

On my 98 summit, the speedo quit working a couple rides back. After reading a few posts I took the cable and bearing access plate off to check the condition of the driveshaft bearing. The cable worked fine. Although the bearing hadn't failed yet, the bearing seals were shot and the bearing itself was gritty, lacking grease, and would probably have failed sometime soon. It was not a pretty job to replace the bearing as I had to open up the chaincase and remove the driveshaft to pull the bearing off. After two bloody knuckles i got it apart and replaced the old bearing. I snapped everything together and tried her out. Still no speedo action but i did notice that the odometer was working. It must have worked all along. I took a couple of rides and determined that the odometer worked accuratly as compared to my buddies sled.
I would imagine my problem is in the speedometer gauge itself.

My question is this...
Is there anything i can do\replace\repair to the gauge itself or is it now an ornament and i have to get a new one? I would not be looking forward to shelling out big bucks for a new gauge.

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Odometer works... Speedo does not

Postby pol ski doo » February 14th, 2004, 10:49 am

I think that is a sealed unit. If the odometer works but not the speedo you will probably have to replace the whole unit. Surf the net or E bay for used parts. I am sure you will find one at a reasonable price compared to new.
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Odometer works... Speedo does not

Postby Burky » February 14th, 2004, 11:10 am

If you need to replace the unit, check on in the swap meet section. Lots of parts get taken off to lighten sleds, someone might have what you need.
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Odometer works... Speedo does not

Postby bigj » February 14th, 2004, 12:30 pm

If it is an analouge speedo it could just be that the needle is sticking. I would tapping it and shaking it before buying a new one.
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Odometer works... Speedo does not

Postby sledwrench » February 15th, 2004, 4:29 am

I agree with bigj, take it in the house, and let it warm up, tap on it a few times. If this doesn't work, try and take it apart. Who cares if its a sealed unit, if you can't tinker with it and fix it, you're out nothing.
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Odometer works... Speedo does not

Postby mnsnowboy » February 15th, 2004, 4:58 am

Sledwrench has an excellent point. So if it breaks, big deal, right? There's not much that it's good for unless you can fix it. If that doesn't work, these guys already have you pointed in the right direction.

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Odometer works... Speedo does not

Postby Onzle » February 22nd, 2004, 6:09 pm

Well... I did it. Took the speedo out and opened it up. Wasn't too hard. Carefully pried up the metal band holding the front glass to the back housing and it came apart easily. Alas there wasn't much I could do. Seems there is a small round case that controls the front pointer. I think there is a spring inside this case. I hooked up a drill to the input and watched what went on inside. Everything worked up to this case but no movement coming out. I didn't take it apart as the housing would have had to be dismantled and there is just too many small gears and cogs that would never have gone back together. As it is I got it all back together and the odometer still works so I am content with that for now. I am saving my pennies and will bid on ebay for one.
Thanks for all your replies,
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