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sno pro

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sno pro

Postby fastcat » September 22nd, 2001, 4:27 am

I was woundering if anybody has any information on the 99-00 Z sno pro fan cooled as to how much horse power and what the top speed is for a stock sled
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sno pro

Postby mtntank » September 23rd, 2001, 10:15 am

fastcat My son has a 99 z440 sno pro.He is 13 105lbs. The hp is 63 top speed realy depends on snow cond.hard pack 75 give or take 5mph.The strong point of this sled is 0 to 50 very quick and very fun on tight rough trails.Have not had any trouble at all with this sled. The 01 have about 5 more hp.My wife even likes it better than her 99 550ss.Have any other ?
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