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fuel additives for fuelly A.C.'s

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fuel additives for fuelly A.C.'s

Postby zl600efi » December 22nd, 2001, 3:20 am

Any thoughts on gas line antifreeze for a "99" zl600EFI, dealer said not needed, but if I did use only AC products, bull or not???
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fuel additives for fuelly A.C.'s

Postby Hairball » December 22nd, 2001, 3:52 am

That's bull, Only use Isopropyl (check the spelling). The other stuff just breaks up the H20 and spread's it thru the tank which can be very bad if you are doing alot of lake running with high rev for along time. Isopropyl will dissolve it alot better and is highly recommended if you are doing alot of riding where the gas doesn't get changed over quickly in some of the gas station out there.If it's every get's cold out there. It maybe a little more expensive than the other stuff but in the long run it's better especially if you plan on keeping the sled. You can buy gaseline antifreeze at most store but check for isopropyl on the label. I have seen a lot of sled's not start or blow apart because they weren't using it.

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fuel additives for fuelly A.C.'s

Postby CATPRIDE » December 22nd, 2001, 4:51 am

Hi zl600efi,
hairball is right on the money. it must be isoprpyl.your owners manual should also specify this. i manage a NAPA auto parts store and we sell a product called thermo-aid its 99.9 percent isopropyl and its also the way to go with efi, alot of the cheaper dry gasses aren't safe in efi systems.ive used it for years in all my vehicles no freezeups yet!!! its a good idea to use it periodically throughout the season.
on another note how do you like your zl600efi,and have you had any problems with it? The reason i ask is i've just traded in my 99zl500carb for a 2002 zl600efiss ive put 30 miles on with what limited snow we have sofar here in maine.i love it so far.
well so long and think snow everyone.
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fuel additives for fuelly A.C.'s

Postby zl600efi » December 22nd, 2001, 7:26 am

thanks for the help, I'll give it a try. Just purchased sled, so only only got a little time in the saddle, but a heck of a lot nicer than any carbed sled I owned, had a preoblem with the throttle switch seal thata dealer found for me, But I"ll take a .99 part any da at the dealer's. Lady friend got a Z570SS, I was blown away by the ride you get on it,bumps are a thing of the past,I only hope that the suspension lasts. Good luck with yours-ride long and longer
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fuel additives for fuelly A.C.'s

Postby calkai » December 22nd, 2001, 7:44 am

I have a 99 500efi Last year had a freeze up out on the trail. added some drygas and it cleared it up. now I use it every tank. Make sure you use the kind that has no aclohol in it because it is rough on the rubber seals.. think snow.
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