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EFI Bogging and backfiring

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EFI Bogging and backfiring

Postby Willycat » January 21st, 2002, 5:32 am

Help, went riding this weekend and the CAT (2000 ZR 600 EFI) started to occasionally bog and backfire. The bog seemed to come after an open field rip and pulsing the trottle when entering the woods. The backfire seemed to occur after getting up to 80MPH and letting off dropping to 40 MPH it would pop. Put in ISO dry gas but did not seem to help. Temp were around freezing. She is in the garage warmingup, which Cats hate. Any info, clugged fuel injector, ice, bad gas, stc. is greatly appreciated. She has 2000 miles and never acted up!
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EFI Bogging and backfiring

Postby CATPPL » January 21st, 2002, 12:10 pm

I would bet money that you need to have the throtle washers replaced!! My 98 ZR 600 EFI use to do the same thing and i fixed it by cutting the brown wire in the three prong plug that is at the base of the handle bars. If you need and more info feel free to e-mail me.
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