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Military Service

4 years-U.S Air Force- Guam, Cali.--ended up in 12 other countries-worked on C-5 cargo plane.wish I had one so I could load up my sled and about 200 buddies sleds and head
by mxzx7
December 5th, 2001, 3:02 am
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Topic: Military Service
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Just hit 100 miles far

Sensitive people here eh MM. Ive got 40 miles hope to put on another 60 this weekend. Later gotta hit the trails.
by mxzx7
December 1st, 2001, 2:53 am
Forum: Trash Talkers
Topic: Just hit 100 miles far
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CK3 replacement

Are they going to have a chassis to replace the ck3 next year. It seems like they would. I rode my buddies 99 mach z today. He just got it and thinks its great. What a joke for a sled. That thing is bulky and hard to steer with those wide handlebars. Anybody heard anything on them being discontinued?
by mxzx7
November 26th, 2001, 12:08 pm
Forum: Trash Talkers
Topic: CK3 replacement
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This is what they said...

Not that graphics make any difference on how a sled performs but Im amazed they called the Viper for best graphics when it looks like the work of a "tagger" (a jobless teenager with a can of spraypaint) did the work. Im serious thats the first thing I think of when I see that sxviper on the hood.
by mxzx7
July 28th, 2001, 2:05 am
Forum: Trash Talkers
Topic: This is what they said...
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