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Where's the (*&(#@% Snow

ok I live in the NW Corner of ND and am dying to try out my new toy where is the closest and how much did you get, Come on canada lets here from you to..
by zrgunner
November 29th, 2001, 3:27 am
Forum: Trail Conditions
Topic: Where's the (*&(#@% Snow
Replies: 3
Views: 878

Whos been using my name?

Blair, What were you thinking ?? you were soo awesome on cats and I always backed you even when everyone else started to call you a dirty rider.. Now you'r just another Scooby Doo freak that is way over paid.(haha) Sorry man but this year my moneys on Tucker!!!!!!!!! Although good luck as alway and ...
by zrgunner
October 17th, 2001, 11:00 pm
Forum: SnowmobileNews Forum
Topic: Whos been using my name?
Replies: 9
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