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Cross Country Racing

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Cross Country Racing

Postby s7psnowman » October 19th, 2007, 7:09 am

Hello everyone. I just thought that I would take a minute to let every one know about something that is taking the upper Midwest by storm. Cross-Country trail racing is quickly coming back as a preference for racers of many ages and classes. Cross-Country racing has something for everyone from Pro Class all the way down to the kidies. The beauty is you don't have to be rich, or have tons of sponsorship to become a racer. All you need is a snowmobile and a helmet. Last years season was insane and this years is projected to be even bigger. There is a video out now highlighting last years season that I strongly encourage everyone to check out. There is a preview on this site:

[URL=]Racing on the Plains[/URL]

If you'd like more information about Cross-Country racing, whether you are curious about the rules, riders, or are interested in testing your skills in ditches, tree lines, rivers, and much more, then I encourage you to go to.

[URL=]USCC Racing[/URL]
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