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Big Thanks To USSA / Hot Laps

Big Thanks To USSA / Hot Laps

Postby eab142racer » February 12th, 2006, 5:37 pm

I think all the oval drivers that were at Antigo on sunday owe USSA a big thank you. Do to possible track conditions and fitting a longer show in we at first were not going to have hot-laps. Then a small group of drivers and a board member approached an official and he heard us out and gave us the hot laps. Like I said before big thanks to USSA!!!

Now for all of you that were at the drivers metting you heard them say we should figure out a better way to run hot laps. I think this is the perfect place to do it because everyone on here is involved some way in racing. Plus we can get some advice from other circuits.

My personal thoughts are that each driver should get 2 tickets per-sled. Now that means the driver gets to run each sled for one hot-lap session per day. If track conditions aren't good limit it to 1 ticket per-sled per weekend.
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Big Thanks To USSA / Hot Laps

Postby PRO STK 145 » February 13th, 2006, 3:13 am

HUGE THANKS to Jerry K. and USSA

I think that each driver should get a ticket per class entered in. I believe this system was used sometime before, but they had a problem with drivers duplicating tickets. So I think it will work as long as we have honest drivers. We also discussed the penalty for duplicating tickets, to be a suspension from hot laps for a certain number of races. This system should allow everyone to get out and hotlap making for less confrontation at the beginning of a long race day.

J Ryden
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Big Thanks To USSA / Hot Laps

Postby RacingInsider » February 17th, 2006, 5:01 am

Just a personal thought here,

Ryden I know you have raced with Wally and crew and alot of other drivers have to outside of WPSA. Why does there need to be ticket period??? I think personally it works good what Wally has done. (not saying USSA system is bad)

WPSA just does this let them run as much as they want, alot of these drivers have 2,3,4 sleds why cant they run them all, and have paid alot of money to be there. In the end its gonna take TIME over all so just start the day out with Hot Laps set to run for a set block of time and let the drivers go out there 3,4,5 times. When time period is over hot laps are over. Ice conditions i understand play a role also but if u have a rough track to begin with than personally you should be able to be out there more in hot laps to tune for the conditions, and see where it is rough or not.
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Big Thanks To USSA / Hot Laps

Postby PRO STK 145 » February 17th, 2006, 3:19 pm

Yes Wally's way works fine however, by using a ticket system this will allow everyone to have one round of hot laps per sled they run. So if they have a champ, a sprinter, and a stock sled that all run on saturday then they will get three tickets for Saturady hotlaps. It will also make sure that everyone gets there turn and so there is no one at the end of the hotlap session complaining becasue they didnt get to run. I think it may even keep classes a little bit more competetive.

These are just some thoughts
Thanks J Ryden
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Big Thanks To USSA / Hot Laps

Postby WAVEY DOG #26 OSRF » February 18th, 2006, 5:34 am

When I was the flagman/starter for the Eastern Pro Tour we would, weather-depending, let them hot lap for 45 min to 1 hour. We would separate the champ sleds with their own staging lanes and the stocker's would have their own lane as well. Send 5 or 6 sleds of the same kind on the track at a time for two laps. Start them with a hole shot one at a time, with a comforatable gap between sleds. The trick here is that the 5th or 6th sled needs to be gone before the 1st sled comes out of turn four!!! When the allowed time is almost up the pit marshal needs to close off the staging lanes and run what is left in the staging lanes. It was nice when there was great weather and lots of ice to hot lap both days. When someone would crash during the race weekend we would give them a safty lap to check out their sled and this timing worked well. One 'problem' we would have is with the guys who would be dragging their feet and show up late for hot laps. Hard to feel sorry for them when other guys could get their sled out two or three times!!! It's not like there are so many sleds that everyone can't get a shot at hot laps with the allowed time. The crews need to have their driver's other sleds lined up in the other staging lanes. This formula has worked successfully for many years in the O.S.R.F. The only real issue we ever had (and not very often) was if someone crashed and needed to be transported to hospital by ambulance - a delay could occur while waiting for another ambulance to arrive at the race track.
The idea of handing out tickets sounds sounds like work and a lot of baby sitting. The U.S.S.A may have a time constraint with the oval and snowcross program. I've seen that their program can run close to 7 hours..? Everyone needs to remember that hot laps are a lot of work for the flagman, cornermen, track maintenance crews and race director.
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Big Thanks To USSA / Hot Laps

Postby that 31 car » February 18th, 2006, 3:30 pm

Pretty much what we do. 5-6 guys at a time, hole shots, safe spacing. Run kids separate from adults. Only difference is we do 15-20 minutes per discipline(sx-oval) takes Ken in the pits, Aaron assisting, Allen flagging, and four corner workers plus a tow off guy for the inevitable burn down.
We have a new deal for Wausau, hopefully it will be the answer.
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