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Ideas to make our sport grow?

Ideas to make our sport grow?

Postby Ovals Forever » December 18th, 2006, 7:38 pm

I would just love to sit beside Tony Stewart and or Dale Earnhard at Eagle River throughout Derby weekend, watch the expressions on there faces when someone hits the bales at 80 + MPH and when they crown the World Champion so what did you guys think of the Worlds Championship Snowmobile Derby?
I think I know what they would say because I just do not believe that a true racer of any type could go to Eagle River and not like it, I just don't think it is possable.
Ovals Forever
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Ideas to make our sport grow?

Postby Fontaine Racing » December 19th, 2006, 1:53 am

I am really happy to see that a few of us over here are not the only ones interested in doing something to make our sport GROW! I would like to organize an ice oval racers alliance, I want to set up a meeting right after our season ends, I was thinking Eagle river? we need to have you guys from out east make it. I know this is a long way so lets here some opinions. one thing is, no one needs to pull a trailer so we could do some car pooling. I appreciate everything that the people putting on races are doing, but I believe there are a lot more things that can happen, to promote the sport, and unify it? we the racers are the ones putting on the show, and ultimately paying to put on the show, I cant afford to keep doing this. also we the racers should be able to throw out some Ideas for some set standards on things such as, SAFETY, RULES,INSURANCE,ADVANCEMENT THROUGH THE CLASSES, and many other things I cant think of now, no one else is going to make things happen. It Is up to us (the racers). so lets get us, and our ideas together and make it happen? there is power in numbers!!
PLEASE, ONLY POSITIVE ATTITUDES NEED REPLY! we no there are a lot of nay sayers out there, but we are not interested in any of that input. (I believe they still have a trash talkers site for that)
so lets hear some ideas on were to get together, when,, topics of discussion, and most of all lets commit to doing this! I think this is the first step towards looking like a serious group of people, wanting to see our sport expand. until then we are not going to have any serious corporate sponsors looking at any of us. IT IS TIME!!! THANKS Doug Fontaine
Fontaine Racing
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Ideas to make our sport grow?

Postby Petawawarace » December 19th, 2006, 2:33 am

I agree with the Nascar idea. A few years back, I remember we had a race up here at Cayuga Speedway, it was a Cascar race (Bought by Nascar last year)at the time. There were 5 or 6 drivers that came up and raced. Tony , Matt, Benson, I forget the other guys, but they weren't slouches either. They put on a hell of a show, and the place was absolutly jammed with people. It was a weekend off for the CUP guys, and Benson even gave a plug and had some clips played on Inside Winston Cup that Monday night. I'm sure there were lots of people that started watching more racing, or atleast coming out to see more racing locally. The only problem that I see with having someone go to ER is that is prime testing time for them in Daytona. I'm sure that they may be able to sneak away for maybe even the sunday finals or maybe friday night thunder. I think that someone like Tony would love snowmobile racing. I would like to see a CUP driver on a sled. I think that some drivers have it in their contract that they can't race anything else other than CUP or BUSCH. I don't think Tony's contract would, cause he's always in sprints or midgets ect. It might be a little late this year to egt the proper advertising done, but maybe a goal to strive for next year. Jeff DeJong
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Ideas to make our sport grow?

Postby TigorRacing176 » December 19th, 2006, 3:04 am

I wouldnt mind Danica Patrick showing up but hey maybe thats just me =)
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Ideas to make our sport grow?

Postby drivergus » December 19th, 2006, 4:00 am

I talked to Audrey Decker last year and i believe she mentioned something about trying to get Matt or Scott Wimmer to come to E. R. But as it was already mentioned on here.Daytona testing goes on about the same time.I asked Scott about that 2 years ago.He said the same thing.I know he's Stoked about the sport(obviously growing up with Flip)But again, timing !!!! Hey At least he makes it to the 525 race for his ol' buddy Flip !!! I too wish there was a way to get them to come up and race.
2 summers ago @ the Dells motor speedway they brought in Kenny Wallace,Bill Elliot,Jimmy Spencer,and Ted Musgrave.They raced against each other using some of the local guys Limited late models.What a race !!!!!!!!!!! Funniest thing i ever seen.Bill Elliot screaming into turn 1 and not being familiar with the hard tires(hoosiers!) and the car .Looked like he WAS driving a dirt car around the corners.The even funnier thing was to watch the car owners/drivers grimmace as there equipment went around the track with someone else driving it!Hoping none of them crashed...!!!They put on a hell of a show !!!! Afterwards they all came up to the grandstands and signed autographs.The place was packed !
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Ideas to make our sport grow?

Postby OvalsareFAST » December 20th, 2006, 10:27 am

I agree with Fontaine.

The racers need to come together. Perfect example was last weekend in Iowa, the people down there did a hell of alot of work to make it a safe, fast, and fun track. The crowd was excellenet everyone there loved it. BUT yes here comes the but, where the hell where all the drivers??????????????? There was not another race going on and Xtreme Ice said all week that it was going to still be held and not cancelled they put pictures on their website to on Friday to show the track. If the sport wants to keep growing the Racers need to come together support the circuits who cares if it is Xtreme Ice or USSA a race is a race, and without the all of, if not at least 90% of the drivers at a race where there is not another one exspecially the sport wont and get that little kick it needs to start growing. Ya each circuit runs things a little different from one and other but they both have the same PASSION in mind and that is oval racing. Why do you think Valcourt, ER, BJ in march is so big and gets so much coverage BECAUSE DAMN NEAR EVERY RACER IS THERE!!!!!

I would like to thank the divers that did come down to Iowa and the people there for a great show. I loved every minute of it sitting in the grandstand watching you guys and girls.
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Ideas to make our sport grow?

Postby Yoo » December 21st, 2006, 5:27 am

Ovalsarefast...hope we see what you're talking about at our races in Ontonagon on March 10th and 11th. We'll see, since their is no other race scheduled.
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Ideas to make our sport grow?

Postby Petawawarace » December 21st, 2006, 6:02 am

Yoo, I'm not sure if you were expecting any guys from the east, but there is a points race for the EPT in Roberval QC that weekend.
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Ideas to make our sport grow?

Postby mega man » December 21st, 2006, 2:16 pm

Ovalsarefast, thanks for the praise on how our Iowa show went. We were very skeptical going into this venture full bore, but it all worked out and we're planning on doing it again next year. Comments from people like yourself and the drivers is what made it all worth it. We were so worried about letting all of you down, but by the sounds of it we did alright. Thanks again, The Lyon County Sno Lyons in Rock Rpids, IA!
Get real, get Mopar
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Ideas to make our sport grow?

Postby Turn Five Racing » December 21st, 2006, 9:53 pm

Ricky Craven ether does or did own a Cat dealer in Main I think it was. I don't think he has a ride for 07, he might be a good place to start.
Turn Five Racing
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