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Outlaw 600 - Progress Thread - HRE

Outlaw 600 - Progress Thread - HRE

Postby jhooper/HRE » April 5th, 2011, 5:02 am

They say every cloud has a silver lining and I have found it to be true most of the time but sometimes you really need to look hard. Rich actually does have one good point that could have been presented a lot more clearly. We cannot let this new Outlaw class turn into a bunch of junky unfinished race machines, afterall it's all about the show or we have nothing. I think we could easily require that all sleds must be at least somewhat pleasing to look at before being allowed to compete. I am not saying that anyone needs to spend thousands to please someone else but I really hope that a sled like mine will be toward the lower end as far as appearance goes. This body and lettering was a real rush job and only cost around $500 for all of it, both guys could have done a prettier job if I could have given them more time. We could have one or two guys from each region be responsible for advanced pre-race inspection just to help out so a racer wouldn't get turned away on race day. Pics could be emailed or a meeting could be arranged. Remember some of these guys will be TOTALLY NEW to our sport so they may need advice on a lot of things. John H.
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Outlaw 600 - Progress Thread - HRE

Postby PDRacing » April 5th, 2011, 5:19 am

Cheers! I get one point, how many for a championship? :)

Hey John, (from a slow guy, as you pointed out! :( )

What about you have to present a SLED Resume of sorts before
your are allowed in series?

Pictures of said unit and outline components utilized.

This should actually apply to several classes.

Further more these preseason, pictures can be utilized to produce some sort of a program of the SLEDS /Teams on the series, for the various Promoters.
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Outlaw 600 - Progress Thread - HRE

Postby KRONNIK RACING » April 5th, 2011, 5:21 am

Might be a stupid question, but if this class is going to run this year, when are the specs and or rules going to come out or are the tenative rules on page one solid, also John are you guys going to build spec chassis' that will be available for purchase? If so what would a guesstimate price on somthing like that be, tunnel, front suspension, rollcage, steering? thanks.Luke. PS i think this is a very good idea for a new class!!
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Outlaw 600 - Progress Thread - HRE

Postby kenlacy » April 5th, 2011, 5:43 am

Kinda tough to require a sled resume when the point is to attract new teams.

Sleds do need to look good. Hard to judge that though, it is very subjective.

I believe like most other classes, the more entry level it is, the less well done the sleds are (not true of all, just in general). As Outlaw grows into sport, semi pro, pro - you will have the upper classes generally with the nicer looking stuff and the importance of the entry level looking prime is lessened.

To be real, there are going to be people who pinch pennies to get on the track and their stuff just isn't going to be perfect. A strong stance on looks is important but there has got to be some leniency in the beginning (just don't advertise it).
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Outlaw 600 - Progress Thread - HRE

Postby jhooper/HRE » April 5th, 2011, 5:48 am

I plan to have the rules finished by friday. I won't be building any race chassis for sale, but if you look back on this thread you will find Tony Petenelli is building them and I beleive you could order one from Wahl bros in Greenbush Mn. and possibly Mike Houle. I have talked with Dave and Durmont Wahl and found them both very interested but with their work load and reputation you would want to get one ordered early to get in the schedule. I will be offering a few components as well as engine work as soon as I get everything figured out. John H.
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Outlaw 600 - Progress Thread - HRE

Postby NagelBro'sRacing » April 5th, 2011, 7:17 am

I think it's just because im a traditionalist, as are most of the ovals racers of the past. I have a little part in the back of my head saying that if it ends up NOT looking like a snowmobile, It will lose its luster. But dont mistake that for the interest this thing will draw, as is did with me. Seeing something TAKE OFF and become something new is still very cool and I do hope we are all seeing it here. All it takes to build a class is a few like minded individuals with the same sled built ro the same spec's who wanna see WHO's FASTER. Done deal. Be intersting to see how this moves forward, will you issue spec's so that others can just build them themselves? Having a manufacture system only works if you can spit them out in fairly large numbers and at a saleable cost. But as most motorsports, when someone does make a better/upgraded copy of the original design. Will he be allowed in the class? As long as the class spec has been reached, I would say why not? Then you start going through 1st gen/ 2nd Gen/ 3rd Gen... outdated bodies of older sleds that cant compete and end up in a garage with a disgruntled owner bawking about the money spent on an unraceable sled. All things that need to be thought about and sorted out, but apr for building something new and the growing pains it creates.
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Outlaw 600 - Progress Thread - HRE

Postby KPHooper » April 5th, 2011, 9:22 am

I am currently working on a website for the series that will have all the information, as it becomes available for everyone to find in one easy to find place. I will have the contact info of all shops building the chassis as well as the rules/build info when it becomes available. There will also be forums for people to discuss their builds with each other and bounce ideas/solutions etc. around. If you are a shop planning to build these sleds or provide any components, drop me an e-mail @ and I will get it up on the site. The site is currently under construction, but will start to take better shape in the next few days.

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Outlaw 600 - Progress Thread - HRE

Postby oval spectator » April 5th, 2011, 3:06 pm

PD Racing,

I have been watching oval racing since 1992 and I have never raced a snowmobile other than an occasional informal drag race. I would like to see oval racing succeed because the sport is thrilling to watch. This new outlaw 600 sled combined with the existing champ class will bring my family back to see oval racing. Thats why you should get on board and lend all of your knowledge to support this effort called outlaw 600. If it fills the stands PD Racing, the sport might grow and we all want that. My point- some of your comments are negative and thats not going to help oval racing. If you have a better idea on how to exite the people filling the stands, lets hear it. I will listen to your positive comments.
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Outlaw 600 - Progress Thread - HRE

Postby Ovals Forever » April 5th, 2011, 3:29 pm

When you say the fans aren't the core you couldn't be more wrong, the fans are allways, have allways, and allways will be the core and deciding factor in weather or not a sport survives................
If I have heard one driver say it I have heard 100 drivers say if it wasen't for the fans we wouldn't be here either.

When this sport was at it's height so were the numbers in the stands.

If you can't even get fans in the stands how in the F--- do you think you are ever going to get a major TV sponsor.

If they aren't interested enough to come to a race they aren't going to sit in front of a tv and watch it either.

I will give you an example, the only time "in ND anyway" we see high school sports on TV is the state tournaments, no one pays them to come, they come because it is a big deal and they know alot of people are going to watch it. But they only come on there own if they know it's a big deal and there will be alot of people watching it, the only other way they show up is if you have big $ to pay them, and you will never make enough $ on this sport to pay them what they have to have to show up.
Morel of the story is if you have a big enough deal the TV people will come to you, other wise you are just pissing in the wind.

If you own a big company and pay big money for advertising do you want your adds to be on while they are showing a snowmobile race or when they are showing a Nascar race?

I have allways said and I will allways believe that the danger factor of racing a snowmobile 100 mph and nothing but frozen hay bales being your savior is the main thing keeping dad's from putting there kid's on one.

Look how fast Polaris pulled the plug when Jerry Bunkee was killed and buy the way they were on top of there game when they pulled the plug.

There was a time when sprint cars weren't a sprint car if they had a roll cage but after enough guys got killed they finally got smart and started using them, same with F1 boats there was a time when they didn't want to use a canopy, but same deal after enough deaths they started using them.
In bull riding there was a time when a cowboy wouldn't be caught dead using a helmet or a protective vest but they got smarter to.

When are some of you going to get smarter and realize how good of an idea these new sleds are?

You still have 2 skis, a track, a tunnel, a snowmobile engine, snowmobile clutches, the noise, and the smell, in the air.
You are right though, "it is not a snowmobile" but neither is a champ 440 or an F1, and it is not a race car either, if you get right down to it they are all Ice Mobiles, they are mobiles that are designed to be raced on ice not snow, dirt, or pavement.

You want to call champ and F1's a snowmobile, but when was the last time any of you ever rode one of them on a 50 mile trail ride?

"It's ok I'll wait"
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Outlaw 600 - Progress Thread - HRE

Postby WFO80 » April 5th, 2011, 3:46 pm

This is the coolest thing to hit oval racing in a long time, I have my race trailer and truck for sale, hopefully they sell soon, the proceeds will go to a new smaller trailer and probably an outlaw sled, I would like to see other engine manufacturers to be used, like John said earlier, all engines would need to be dynoed so their equal
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