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Re: observation

Postby S. Sterne » January 20th, 2016, 12:41 pm

Just thinking about the ice itself tracks are barely getting threw the weekend now before were down to dirt. With that many more entrys your talking about ice probally wont hold up.
S. Sterne
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Re: observation

Postby TWag1 » January 20th, 2016, 1:24 pm

S. Sterne wrote:Just thinking about the ice itself tracks are barely getting threw the weekend now before were down to dirt. With that many more entrys your talking about ice probally wont hold up.

Sorry - brief thread highjack....

Congratulations on a great derby run and beginning to the season in general!!!

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Re: observation

Postby Spy-Guy 74 » January 20th, 2016, 1:55 pm

Shawn you have a valid point when you say the ice is not holding up and we do have limited entries now. They used to get down in the dirt back in the day too, but the entries were ten fold of what we have today. The champ sleds are more hooked up than the sleds of old for sure.

Something needs to change in the near future to make the sport workable for all that are involved. That means fans, racers, promoters, and sanctioning bodies. Don't get me wrong the racing is GREAT, and if 40 champ sleds showed up every weekend I'd have much less of a concern. That would be a show in just itself. A worry of mine is what if Tommy pulled the plug on the funds, you wouldn't need heats for sure. Everyone would simply go to the final

Nobody likes change, even more so when we grow older it seems. I'm just afraid if somethings don't change we won't even talking about this in a FEW years. An example is the I-500 at the Soo a few years ago everyone made the field, this year they expect 70 sleds trying there luck. They made some changes and it seems to be working for them, in my eyes a very fast turn around too. We need something to create more excitement, Champs are exciting for sure, at the same time the program needs a little more excitement with some sort of addition. I don't have the answers for sure, by I can see the writing on the wall if something doesn't happen soon
Spy-Guy 74
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Re: observation

Postby TDC » January 20th, 2016, 2:16 pm

Spy-Guy 74 wrote:Another idea for a class for Eagle and could bring large numbers right from the get go would let the MIRA boys come over and play with there modified 600 sleds. They're not racing at this time of year, and I think many would give Eagle a shot with there sleds. No not for the WORLDS CHAMPIONSHIP but a premier class that could easily bring 30 sleds if a fair purse was offered to them. Twenty five to Fifty laps would be a cake walk for these fellows too

Something needs to be done for sure, let's start talking

I like that idea. Replace the sno-x with MIRA! I never went to ER to watch sno-x
At least that damn hill is gone!
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Re: observation

Postby johnny38 » January 20th, 2016, 11:49 pm

Not sure how a run what you brung format would work a eagle river. Would need to get rid of the snow cross track to make room for the flight for life. As a semi retired crew member for Matt Schulz I know in 2010 his 600 open sled turned a 16.8 lap at 106 mile an hour lap. He was always happy to get off that sled at eagle river. I agree something needs to change but going faster isn't going to bring more drivers.
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Re: observation

Postby Flatout » January 21st, 2016, 9:20 am

Make it 30 laps and have a 2 gallon maximum tank. No adding fuel during the race even for restarts. A 600 won't make 30 laps flatout on 2 gallons of gas and if you play with fuel, mileage goes down even more.
Anything else goes.
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Re: observation

Postby sport6 » January 21st, 2016, 9:25 pm

Would current champ go to a 600 for parts availability?

I don't have a sled to run in the class. But would it be possible in years to come to change the engine rules to run a stock 600 sled with any ignition, and any pipe(s)?

One it would bring the price down, and hopefully get more guys interested in running.

Say if you score a cylinder. You can go to Millennium technology and get a new or re-nicked cylinder for a fraction of the price of the current motor work.

I don't know what it would cost to buy a new 600 from Polaris, Arctic cat, or Ski-doo. But I would assume it would be cheaper then having one built by someone.
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Re: observation

Postby Ovals Forever » January 22nd, 2016, 12:30 am

Make the track smaller
Ovals Forever
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Re: observation

Postby fast dad » January 22nd, 2016, 6:43 am

The ER track used to be smaller, and I mean it used to race used to get so rough you had to race the track and the bumps, not the competition, going into 1 and 3 you needed to dodge the bumps....The entries are not there so the track does not get near as rough as it used to be...Stop all the shavers let the track take it own life, that in its self will make it slower and a great equalizer....Maybe if is gets so rough a production based sno cross sleds would be competitive??? Like the Soo is now??!!

Just watch some videos of the 80-90s..most lifted at the Start finish line!!! Except maybe #96!!

Yes Johnny the 600 are way fast, but Matt went that speed on a Thursday or Friday..Speeds come Saturday and Sunday are way down..Like qualifying at Indy, people love to see the huge speed then, but you race 10-15 MPH slower...


Bring out the turbos!!! Superchargers!!! Ingenuity creates interest...

Again just discussion...
[b]fast dad[/b]
fast dad
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Re: observation

Postby jhooper/HRE » January 22nd, 2016, 8:23 am

I like the general concept and would really like to see something like this to breathe some fresh life into our sport.
One major hurdle would be insurance. Last I heard they had set a 600 cc max. on 2 strokes.
Lets just assume we would be allowed up to 600cc with no other engine limitations.
The real challenge is limiting traction so excessively high speeds cannot be achieved on a normal sized race track.
I am sure you are aware that understeer is the most stable of ill handling characteristics so we would need to do a bunch of testing different length and angle carbides to determine which setup is most driveable and efficient at controlling corner speeds. Naturally we would likely need to limit traction somewhat so you wouldn't end up with sleds that were a rocket in a straight line but couldn't turn.
I am sure if I got together with Mike Houle and Wahl bros for a few days of testing we could come up with a solution.
I know you hate anything "spec" but with the lack of $$ in our industry I believe it is extremely important to make rules that allow the working man to afford competitive equipment.
My thoughts would be something like this:
600cc 2 stroke or 1000cc 4 stroke naturally aspirated {no other rules}
Chassis- must be 4 bar/ trailing arm suspension 45 inches wide, spec. 121 inch camoplast track, conventional Fox shocks {no remote resevoirs or adjusters} 400 lbs min. weight.
Spec. studs and carbides to be determined after testing.
Driving these sleds somewhat safely would require a lot of talent and experience so only drivers qualified to compete in Pro Champ would be eligible.
This would be one hell of a show at minimal cost compared with current Champ sleds.
John Hooper
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