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Spectacular Write up

Spectacular Write up

Postby rfn99x » February 3rd, 2016, 11:46 am

From Friday night...

Cardell Potter dominated the track at the Alexandria Viking Speedway during the 2015 Winter Spectacular ice oval snowmobile races, and he was on his way to doing it again on Friday night before settling for second in the Champ 440 shootout.

The 23-year-old from Camp Douglas, Wisconsin won two championship finals during last year's races. He had to wait a day to avenge that close loss on Friday night, but he did it and took home $2,016 and a 2016 Sea-Doo Spark after winning the Champ 440 TLR Final on Saturday.
It was part of what race organizer Jeff Karrow called a record-setting third year of the Winter Spectacular after the event drew about 196 racers that filled 82 races on Friday and 53 on Saturday.
"I think the word to describe the Winter Spectacular this year would be 'record,' Karrow said on Monday. "Record attendance, record drivers, record temperatures. Unbelieveable."
The two-day event offers classes that run the gamut from older vintage sleds to the newest and fastest models in the championship classes that reach speeds of more than 100 miles per hour.
Potter has proven to be one of the fastest of those drivers in the TLR Cup, a championship ice-oval tour that tracks racers' points over the course of the season to determine a champion.
Potter looked like a sure winner during the Champ 440 shootout under the lights last Friday. Then the second caution of the race came out with three laps remaining, and Travis MacDonald of Winnipeg, Manitoba was there to take advantage.
MacDonald grabbed the lead right after the restart. He never gave it back as he held off Potter for his fourth win of the season.
"Racing is racing," MacDonald said. "Anything can happen, right? I knew I had the chance when the red flag came out."
MacDonald just had to fend off Potter for three short laps. That might not seem long to fans in the grandstands, but it was a different situation for the guy trying to hold on.
"It felt like forever," MacDonald said with a laugh. "He was definitely fast, and I knew he was right there. I was expecting him to go around me on the high side, but I guess there was too much snow so he couldn't make the pass. I just kind of drove down low there and hugged the inside so he couldn't get by. It worked out great for me."
Potter knew a huge lead prior to the red flag meant nothing with just three laps to the finish. The caution was the last thing he wanted to see with a $1,000 payday and first-place points in the TLR Cup standings on the line.
"I could have done without those red flags," Potter said. "I like these longer races. These little three-lap shootout ones are tough, especially coming down to the end, and I was afraid of that."
Potter called it disappointing to not come away with a win in his first championship final of the weekend, but gave a lot of credit to MacDonald for not making any mistakes down the stretch.
"You hate to give one up so easy like that," Potter said. "I felt like we had a good enough sled to capitalize on it, and unfortunately I slipped up and he snuck by. He had a good sled too. I had plenty of opportunities to try and get back by, but I couldn't do it. He definitely still had the speed there, and he didn't give himself enough credit. They were fast too."
Karrow said he just wants to keep growing the Winter Spectacular as a two-day event that racers and fans can look forward to every year. He's part of a group that includes Todd Chan, Ben Johnson, Dave Dahl, Cory Watts, Andy Radil and Rod Karrow that organize and fund the races each season.
"We just love this," Karrow said. "It's our passion in a sense that we love watching racing, we love participating in it, and we really want to bring something like this into our community that can make an impact."
The group relies on about 65 volunteers to help make the show run smoothly. Some are devoted to being there the whole time. Others have jobs that take a few hours.
"Each one is very important in their own right," Karrow said. "They're a part of the team. The volunteer help we get - those were the first people I thanked at the banquet."
As long as the support continues, the plan is to keep bringing the races to the Viking Speedway.
"We're getting bigger and bigger each year as far as drivers and spectators," Karrow said. "We're never going to go to a three-day show. We'll cut some of the lesser entry classes before we do that. That's just too much ... but what I would like to do is just keep growing with this. We plan on it again next year, probably at the end of January or first weekend in February."
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Re: Spectacular Write up

Postby WAVEY DOG #26 OSRF » February 4th, 2016, 7:07 am

Thank you for the write up of the Alexandria race. I have a question about the restart. From the article it sounds like the #8 sled was able to make the pass for 1st place before the exit of corner one. I think this is a bit unfair to have the leader of the race loose all he has gained in the previous laps. I would always try to give the guys that had a sizable lead on the next sled enough of a lead on the restart, to maintain his lead on the holeshot and through the first corner. I'm all about bunching up the field because its better for the fans. I just thing the leaded should be able to get through the first corner and the lead down the backstretch. I know at Eagle River the flagman was restarting them very close together. So close that the #8 sled was able to erace the lead that the #38 had built up? I think there should be a effort made to at least let the leader or the other competers maintain the posisition the were running before the red through the first corner.
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Re: Spectacular Write up

Postby rfn99x » February 4th, 2016, 9:26 am

Keeping it Tight at the Alexandria Winter Spectacular , Lindsay Fontaine

(February 3, 2016) - Alexandria, Minnesota's Viking Speedway has a rich and storied history, with some of the most epic snowmobile racing having occurred there decades ago when loads of manufactures were fabricating race sleds and putting up huge prize money. The scene is a little different now, but last weekend the track once again hosted over 200 drivers, some of whom were competing in Rounds 6 and 7 of the TLR Cup Tour for a pretty sweet year-end payday.

As the season has moved forward, it has become obvious that more teams are starting to really get their equipment dialed in, evidenced by the fact that Pro Champ drivers had some of the tightest racing we've seen this year. On Friday, Matt Schulz went undefeated throughout all three qualifying heats and Gunnar Sterne pegged two wins. Dustin Wahl also looked faster than he has all season, earning top three finishes in each heat.

The 15-lap feature ran under the lights and Travis MacDonald showed consistency off the line aboard his #8 Ski-Doo, getting yet another awesome holeshot as he's done in previous rounds. Cardell Potter wasted no time taking over the lead and would hold it, even after the first restart four-laps in. The second restart left drivers with just three laps to go and MacDonald was again first into the corner and would hold-off Potter and Sterne, respectively, for his second TLR win of the season.

On Saturday, Colt Dellandrea showed promise piloting the lone Arctic Cat in the field as he challenged Sterne each time they faced each other in qualifying. He went on to earn his first TLR heat win after passing Sterne in the third and final round. By the fourth lap of the 20-lap feature, Dellandrea had passed Sterne and Schulz to take the lead, which he would hold for five laps until a hard charging Potter made a pass through corner three. Potter would lead the final twelve laps and win the race, although after going through tech he was disqualified for his sled not meeting the weight requirement. The official results would give Sterne the win, with Schulz finishing second and Blaine Stephenson in third.

On the vintage side of things, Matt Szalai took the win in Sno Pro 340 X IFS aboard his #370 Ski-Doo. As a result he was awarded a check from both the TLR Cup and Country Cat for a total winning of $1,316. Russell Liba and Brent Miller rounded out the top three (pictured above). Matt Goede remained the man to beat in Super Mod 440, where twelve drivers lined up for their shot at glory. Kevin Flannery finished in the runner up position and Bradee Mlaskoch earned the final podium spot.

Mickey Maier was first to the checkered in Super Mod 340, followed by Tom Olson and Jim Zierden, respectively. The victor of Super Stock 340 was Curtis Pederson, with Donny Fedie and A.J. Lange finishing behind him. Trever Spokely was dominant in Outlaw 600, winning class features Friday and Saturday while Ron Thuerauf and Joe Schneider finished second and third both days.

Next up on the TLR Cup Tour schedule is Round 8 at the Fire on Ice race in Weyauwega, Wisconsin.

Note: Round 7 was picked up on Saturday during this event in order to make up for the Francis Creek event, which has been cancelled.
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Re: Spectacular Write up

Postby rfn99x » February 4th, 2016, 9:48 am

Thanks again for the comments and questions. You are absolutely correct and make good points.

The final restart, the drivers were could see a definite space between all the sleds. If you ask me the exact footage-I can't even guess. They did have to wait a tad bit for 220 Sterne to get lined up-don't know if that was a factor (loading up, etc??), Travis #8 did have a monster hole shot and did not lift.

The two Champ finals were the best that I have seen in a LONG time. The track is fast, safe and WIDE....4 -5 racing lines on it.
Sidenote: and my own opinion-Colt Dellandrea # 53 on Saturdays final drove the best I have seen him drive and I think would've had the field covered..started losing RPMs...belt delaminating or coming apart???
Still and excellent run for that team.
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Re: Spectacular Write up

Postby RacinFan » February 4th, 2016, 3:34 pm


Nice work on the write ups. I appreciate the level of detail you put into them.
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Re: Spectacular Write up

Postby CHAMP53 » February 4th, 2016, 8:03 pm

Colt's belt did start coming apart and started losing RPM's which allowed Cardell to catch up and pass before the belt exploded-- we where so excited to see him pass Sterne and Shultz and start pulling away--but we just haven't had any LUCK this season--we talked about it all the way home to Ontario, but feel proud that a small team like ours (Colt, myself and my wife) can compete with the top teams with no ti studs, carbon fiber etc.--it just takes a lot of hard work and if we could only have a little bit of luck.
Thanks to everyone who put on a great show and hope to see you all next year.
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Re: Spectacular Write up

Postby diskvalve » February 8th, 2016, 12:54 pm

Nice job Colt and Team Dellandrea. A win is in your near future. Tough break , it was yours..You get faster every time out..
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