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ANTIGO Speedway late model race

ANTIGO Speedway late model race

Postby kriegs33 » September 8th, 2013, 6:18 am

Its been announced a few weeks ago but after meeting up with many of the Prochamp drivers at Haydays I thought I would announce it here also. Saturday Feburary 22 is an all vintage PVR (Provintage Racing) race day and includes formula 500 and womans formula 500. Well on Sunday February 23 that excellent facility will also be having a mix of Late model and vintage racing for the day so all ages of sleds can get out and enjoy that awesome racing facility. This is the 2nd year that Ice oval racing has came back to Antigo and the promoter has done an incredible job to make the ice and set it back up for some snowmobile oval racing. The race director for this is Kris Pecka from Antigo and the PVR staff has volunteered to run the race and organize it. This will not be a USSA race. But will be another excellent opportunity for all the Late Model sleds including a Champ 440 Feature Set up for the finish of the day.
Look for more details to come here and also you can go to
Kurt "Kriegs" Krueger
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ANTIGO Speedway late model race

Postby kriegs33 » September 8th, 2013, 6:25 am

Here is a letter from our clubs President.
This will give even more details about the Sunday event.

Antigo Speedway

February 23, 2014

It is with great pleasure that the racers of Pro Vintage Racing would like to extend an invitation to all ice oval racers to join us on February 23, 2014, for snowmobile racing at the beautiful Antigo Speedway.

On February 22, 2014, PVR will run its last vintage race of the season at the Antigo Speedway. Since this facility is such an awesome land track, we thought it appropriate to utilize the ice one more time and invite all ice oval racers, vintage as well as late model, yes late model, to join us on Sunday. Guys and gals, we we would like to share this ice with you, giving you the chance to enjoy this great great track.

Below is a preliminary list of races that will run on Sunday the 23rd of February. We will have a $30.00 entry fee, 100% payback with 5 laps of racing. For insurance purposes you will be required to purchase a PVR membership, however, it will be only $10.00. You are also encouraged to pre-register for the race by using the registration feature on the home page of our web site. It will be a combination PVR/ISR rules package, yes it is racing and our tech group will be active but liberal since the real purpose here is to let everyone enjoy this beautiful track.

Kris Pecha, PVR Race Director at Antigo, will be your person to contact. We will also be publishing additional info as time goes by so just look at our web site for this info. I believe that all race organizations are done with their race schedule so this should give all an opportunity to enjoy the Antigo Raceway.

Race Schedule-

1. F-500 Juniors

2. Super Stock 340 Liquid

3. Relic 340

4. IFSX 250

5. Sportsmen 600 Rd. 1

6. Mod Stock 440

7. Super Mod 340

8. Champ 440 Rd. 1

9. Super Stock 340 Women's

10. Super Stock 440 Liquid

11. Super Mod 800

12. Relic 440

13. F-500 Women's

14. IFSX 340

15. Sportsmen 600 Rd. 2

16. Mod Stock 300

17. Champ 440 Rd. 2

18. Mod Stock 340

19. F-500

20. Super Mod 440

21. All Vintage Finals (if req'd)

22. Sportsmen 600 Final

23. Champ 440 Final

Tom Persha


Pro Vintage Racing
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ANTIGO Speedway late model race

Postby Dahlke882 » September 11th, 2013, 4:38 am

Just a thought, depending on how many Pro Champ guys you have pre-registered. You may want to considering running the Semi Pro Champ/Limited 500/Pro Sprint combo class instead. Things get spread pretty thin late in the season, I believe PJ/Trevor/Sperry/Relf were the only Pros at Garrison last year and the rest of the guys were out east or stayed home.

The USSA version of the combo class is SEMI PRO champ only, but I'm sure a few of us on our Limiteds wouldnt mind running against a few Pro guys. Might make for a bigger show and some good racing.

Just an idea...

Trying to decide between Garrison and Antigo, so heats and finals for all classes?? How much time for hot laps? Only one round of F 500?

Later, Alan
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ANTIGO Speedway late model race

Postby HRA motorsports » September 11th, 2013, 11:39 am

you can race both Alan, garrison is the weekend before antigo.
HRA motorsports
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ANTIGO Speedway late model race

Postby rotaxracer33 » September 16th, 2013, 4:56 pm


Well played PVR
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