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Limiter Strap Postiion.

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Limiter Strap Postiion.

Postby Maniac » November 20th, 2002, 12:06 pm

Just installed the quick adjust kit into my sc-10. Now, where should I set the limiter strap?
I do mostly aggresive trail/lake riding with the occasional off road venture.
All the way tight or all the way loose?
What does what?
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Limiter Strap Postiion.

Postby snofisher » November 20th, 2002, 2:49 pm

When you tighten the strap, make it shorter you add ski pressure, when you loosen the strap you add ski lift. Check with your dealer and see if they have a video on suspension adjustments, I know polaris has one that comes with new purchases. I personally like to loosen the limiter strap all the way so I have very little ski pressure and then I add some more preload into my front ski shocks. Also the position of the rear skid shock has effect on ski pressure, weight transfer ect. So get the book and hopefully some one with more knowledge will also respond to your post. Good luck.
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Limiter Strap Postiion.

Postby snirt » November 20th, 2002, 3:18 pm

i'm sure there are guys in here that know much more than me on this but here goes:

it depends on your sled, your riding style and preference. i like to sinch that thing up tight to get lots of ski pressure. my 99mxz had pretty bad inside ski-lift, so more pressure made it livable. you lose some traction when you do that, but for the kind of riding i do, it's worth it. the good thing about your kit is that you can play around with it and see what feels right. you should only do one adjustment at a time though, so you know what works.

good luck.
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Limiter Strap Postiion.

Postby mnsnowboy » November 21st, 2002, 1:03 am

Hey I think Snirt you hit the nail right on the head. The tighter it gets the more ski pressure. That is a given. And one adjustment at a time makes sense too. If I were you Maniac, I would start tight and then loosen from there if you like to trail ride aggressively then it would make sense to have some ski grip. Or if you want to be like me when I broke the limiter strap on my first sled (86 SKI Citation LOL) you could loosen it all the way and drive around with your skis in the air!!!! LOL!!!! Talk about a way to make people laugh! A 253 Fan Cooled Single that lightened the skis permenently!!!!! LOL!!!
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Limiter Strap Postiion.

Postby ZR500PA » November 21st, 2002, 1:41 am

Set the sled on a level piece of concrete, Take two pieces of two by four and put one under each ski. now sit on the sled and have a friend adjust the straps up until they are snug. this set up will keep the sled from lifting up coming out of corners so you can steer and still have good transfer on the launch. Got this from a guy that sets up race cars and sleds, If you think about what the straps are suppose to do it makes sense. This works on all makes of sled. If you let the straps out it lets the front of the skid drop way down causing the sled to pull the ski up and you can't steer coming out of corners.
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Limiter Strap Postiion.

Postby ice_racer_440 » November 21st, 2002, 3:28 pm

Another way to adjust the limiter is to lift up the back end and adjust it till the front and back touch down on the ground evenly at the same time. Thats a good starting point you can fine tune to your preference from there.
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