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Skidoo no. 1?

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Skidoo no. 1?

Postby mx6 » December 13th, 2002, 4:31 am

Local polaris dealer says the only sleds being sold this year are REVs and RX1s.Told me Polaris has been no. 1 for the past twelve years. Sounds worried about the whole industry. Claims some dealers are handing over the keys and that Bomb. is big enough to buy out Cat, Pol. and Yam. Thinks the man. are just going to have to stop production for awhile, mainly Polaris I would think.I tend to agree that this season Skidoo will outsell the rest, what do you guys think about this?
Stewart Selid
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Skidoo no. 1?

Postby sledneck583 » December 13th, 2002, 9:31 am

I agree ski-doo will outsell the rest, but not by much, alot of firecats and rx-1's were sold. polaris has a new sled up their sleve that will help sales. artic cat will suffer next year though, due to a bad rep from the f7's. bombardier is definetly big enough to buy polaris and AC but i don't know about yamaha, they are also very big. i think doo and polaris will be the big sellers next year.
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