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Postby reds » January 24th, 2003, 10:53 pm

I have been an advid skier for many years and raced a lot as well. As far as goggles go, Scott makes a pretty decent one, however, about 5 years ago I picked up a pair of Briko goggles and was amazed at how well they fit, even with wearing a ski helmet.

Goggles are goggles, it is the color of the lens that will make the goggle useful or not. I have found that usually a rose colored lens will give you the best results for just about any light conditions.

Different manufacturers have different shades for all the similar colored lenses, that is why I also liked the Brikos.

I also have pair of Briko sunglasses that are shaped and I dont feel any wind on my eyes, even when making "rapid decent" runs. The thing I like about them is that they are photosensetive and get darker as it gets brighter out.
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Postby indysp440 » January 25th, 2003, 5:36 am

orange or yellow tint works well you can see the bumps good
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Postby Veedo » January 25th, 2003, 11:42 am

ill ask it again because i cannot seem to come up with a good answer. i have tried 3 sets of goggles now, scotts, smiths, and thors witch are the same as a different version of scotts. ALL FOG. if you are a trail rider, you wont have a problem. but if you start to ride hard and dont have constant air flowing in them, they fog. i tried anti fog spray and none of it works. i just carry two sets of goggles with me now, but you would they could invent something better. any ideas?
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Postby think_07 » January 25th, 2003, 4:57 pm

A No-Fog is the answer. I ride at least as hard as anyone out there, and ride in the coldest weather imaginable, and still haven't fogged with it.. MSR Superlight Helmet, Smith Goggles with Quicksnaps, No-Fog and a Balaclava. Perfect setup.
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Postby Veedo » January 26th, 2003, 1:34 am

so what is no fog, a spray or something? is that exactly what the name brand is?
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Postby RyXCSP » January 26th, 2003, 2:10 am

I have and HJC CLX-4 with Scott Turbo Flow Blue Amp Goggles......Work great!
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Postby dhguns583 » January 26th, 2003, 5:03 pm

I got a HJC helmet and scott turbo flow goggles. I love the blue lense and they hardly ever if at all fog up.
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Postby zr500 » January 26th, 2003, 9:11 pm

veedo, No-Fog is a brand name,it's a mask. I use the MX style, and it lives up to its name.
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