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North Bay ,ONT - got scoop?

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North Bay ,ONT - got scoop?

Postby ohiomxz » March 12th, 2003, 2:03 pm

Thinking about heading there next weekend to get at least one nore ride in for the season....Do any of you guys know wnything about the area or any good places to stay? I've heard it's a popular spot....Thanks
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North Bay ,ONT - got scoop?

Postby DenClem1 » March 13th, 2003, 4:59 am

Can't help you with places to stay, but I can tell ya the trails are excellent in that area. I spent the first week of February up there doin the trails beetween Sudbury, Temagami and North Bay (there's lots of them and they're groomed superbly). Enjoy!!
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North Bay ,ONT - got scoop?

Postby Whitester » March 13th, 2003, 12:30 pm

The BestWestern is a great place to stay. They have a "Snomobiler Package"... The price includes your room, plus dinner at the resturant in the building. It has good food, not just cheap fried foods. They also have a snowmobile lock-up. A fenced in area to lock your machines. Also a pool, and a hot tub. If you want more information, I can get you the phone number. I have stayed there quite a few times. It's right on the trail, well lake. As long as the lakes are still frozen it should be fine.
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North Bay ,ONT - got scoop?

Postby Edgexm10 » March 13th, 2003, 2:41 pm

Stayed south of there In Port Sydney around the middle of January.The Flagg motel Is where we stayed.Place was alright and a full breakfast came with the room.Trails were great with the main trail going through the parking lot.
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North Bay ,ONT - got scoop?

Postby Stimp » March 14th, 2003, 2:56 am

Just came back from there last week. All kinds of places to stay. There are a ton of hotels along the Lakeshore Blvd that pour out to Lake Nippissing. But I would suggest staying off the Lakeshore strip and stick to the ones outside of town (Travelodge, Seymour Dr) as the main trails run aound the outskirts of town. We have headed every direstion from there. I would highly recommend strait north to the A trail. Head up to Temagami and go from there, just for an indication you can make it to Kirkland lake which is about 360ks in a day, with pitstops along the way. Super trails, best in a long time, Rolling through pipelins forest, nothing too tight except just north of temagami for about 20k.
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