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New pistons or not???

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New pistons or not???

Postby Michiganstopcat » May 31st, 2001, 2:35 am

Going through my zr 600 motor at this time,the bottom end is done and ill be finishing up on the top end soon.question is the motor had 6000 miles on it and i decided to go through it just to make sure everything was all right,as it turns out the crank was out of true and twisted on both ends but other then that everything looked great.My original plan was to use the pistons that came out of the motor as they looked great for any amount of miles.The dealer who did my bottom end suggested i get new pistons since i had it that far apart.Well basically that another 300.00 in parts alone.Should i replace the pistons just to do it?My thinking is if the look good and all the measurements are within specs why do it?My thinking is my dealer is looking for a little cash from parts!! Any tips would be great
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New pistons or not???

Postby maxiracer » May 31st, 2001, 3:03 am

Hey MTC, put the money in new pistons, all it takes is one hairline crack that you didn't see to cost you jug, and maybe the crank you just had done. I would check into a wiesco pro-lite kit, costs less than the stock pistons, they are within a few grams of indenticle weight for each piston, plus they include a cometic gasket kit, which I feel is the best gaskets out there. It is money well spent!
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New pistons or not???

Postby BeeeArrrr » June 2nd, 2001, 8:16 am

Put new Pistons in MTC, .with 6000 on them, belive me at the bottom of the skirt they will be worn, nothing like a fresh set and don't forget to give the jugs a light hone.......
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