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99 Cat clutch safety recall

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99 Cat clutch safety recall

Postby Mainecat » November 22nd, 2001, 12:15 am

Hey guys this issue has been addressed before but I found this info and thought all should be aware. I have had a 99 clutch replaced. Some here said their dealer gave them a hard time about replacing their clutches so here is the report. Dated 2-4-99


U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
Office of Information and Public Affairs Washington, DC 20207
February 4, 1999 (301) 504-0580 Ext. 1188
Release # 99-057

CPSC, Arctic Cat Inc. Announce Recall of 1999-Model Snowmobiles
WASHINGTON, D.C. - In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Arctic Cat Inc., of Thief River Falls, Minn., is recalling about 11,500 snowmobiles. These 1999-model snowmobiles could have faulty drive clutches due to the use of a contaminated alloy in manufacturing. If the clutch sheave fails, broken pieces could strike consumers, causing lacerations or bruises.
CPSC and Arctic Cat are not aware of any injuries or incidents involving these snowmobiles. This recall is being conducted to prevent the possibility of injuries.
The following model 1999 Arctic Cat snowmobiles are being recalled:
P/S 700 LE
P/S 700
Z 370
Z 370 International
Z 440
Z 440 Sno-Pro
ZR 440 Sno-Pro
ZL 500 EFI
ZR 500 EFI
ZR 600
ZR 600 LB
ZR 700
ZRT 800
"ARCTIC CAT" and the model name can be found on the side of the snowmobile. These snowmobiles are painted either white, green, black or a combination of these colors.
Authorized Arctic Cat dealers sold these snowmobiles nationwide between October 1998 and November 1998 for between $4,000 and $8,000.
Consumers should stop using these snowmobiles immediately, and take them to an authorized Arctic Cat Dealer for a free repair. For more information, call Arctic Cat at (800) 210-5941 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m CST Monday through Friday.
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99 Cat clutch safety recall

Postby ZR800EFI » November 22nd, 2001, 4:00 am

That's just the starting point...

If you have one of the models listed above, you do not necessarily have a faulty clutch. There are some other steps to take to know if you have one of the faulty ones.

Something like a certain range of serial numbers, and if you're in the range, then a certain date casted on the clutch, ...

I don't remember the exact steps, but if someone is looking for them, I can probably dig them up at home.
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99 Cat clutch safety recall

Postby mtntank » November 22nd, 2001, 7:36 am

You are right zr800efi had my 99 z440 snopro checked when that issue came up it was a serial number thing mine was good.any respectable dealer could check it in no time.
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99 Cat clutch safety recall

Postby Maniac » November 22nd, 2001, 7:57 am

My friend owns a 1999 AC ZR600 EFI.
Should I warn him about this or is his sled even one that could have the bad clutch?
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99 Cat clutch safety recall

Postby Mainecat » November 22nd, 2001, 11:29 am

Yeah i know about the serial numbers. Thats why Cat was givin us a hard time about replacing my friends. my wifes 99 was replaced because when I rebuild the clutch the spider had cracks. My friends 600 that grenaded was not in the serial number group either. Cat finally paid for all parts and labor. The serial number issue was BS. Cat found out that there were a lot more bad casted clutches after the initally issued the safety recall.
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99 Cat clutch safety recall

Postby NHcat » November 22nd, 2001, 11:48 am

My 99 600 ZR efi clutch blew . A.C, was glad to replace it ,with 4000 mi. You should get that 600 efi checked.
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99 Cat clutch safety recall

Postby chevykickass » November 24th, 2001, 3:06 am

I have a 2000 powder special 600 efi that i bought from a friend. With about 1000 mi. on it the spider cracked and blew apart and sent pieces through the belly pan. The dealer replaced it with no questions. The warranty time was over by the time this happend. So if you have doubts about your clutch I would get it checked out.
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