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Indoor Results

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Indoor Results

Postby Sled Wrecker » December 23rd, 2001, 2:44 am

Does anyone know who won at last night's Indoor race?
Sled Wrecker
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Indoor Results

Postby chevykickass » December 23rd, 2001, 4:35 am

morgan swept stock 440 and pro open. tucker got second in stock 440 and 10th in pro open.
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Indoor Results

Postby Hairball » December 23rd, 2001, 7:09 am

Check the home page, it has the list.
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Indoor Results

Postby XC-Rider » December 23rd, 2001, 9:24 am

It looks like morgan is proving that it's the rider, not the sled.. Too bad he doesn't ride polaris ;)
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Indoor Results

Postby polarisman415 » December 23rd, 2001, 12:46 pm

LOL, put morgan on a friggen 340 and he'll still kick everyones ass!!! The guys a mad man... First one on the trottle, last on off.
The XCR800 Kicks ass
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Indoor Results

Postby mx6 » December 24th, 2001, 7:28 pm

I agree Polarisman,Morgan could win with a 340,as long as it is a Rotax 340. LOL

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Stewart Selid
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Indoor Results

Postby Riley » December 26th, 2001, 2:26 am

XC Rider I agree with you about it being the rider not the sled. I went to the snocross in Duluth and all the sleds look very competetive. There isn't a sled that will dominate any snocross. Not even the new Doo open sled. But there are drivers that will dominate on what ever brand they drive. Riley
PJH Racing
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