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Postby mx6 » December 28th, 2001, 9:47 am

I have a buddy who just bought a 93 Wildcat, aka I think, The Batmobile.It has carbs not EFI. The track looks pretty bad shape same with the air-box.I heard the 700 is hard on clutches, what would he probably need to check? Think this sled has had some piston problems and some carb. magnet thing. Any ideas, Thanks a Million.
Stewart Selid
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Postby saskrider » December 29th, 2001, 4:20 am

Hi mx6, I'm sorry to say that sled is the biggest piece of junk out there. My buddy bought the same sled except it had efi. I spent more time towing it than he did riding it.
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Postby zert800 » December 31st, 2001, 1:29 am

My brother in law had an efi and ran excellent.
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