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SkiDoo Triple/Triple Crank Failures

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SkiDoo Triple/Triple Crank Failures

Postby xmurray » January 26th, 2003, 4:49 am

I bought my 97 Grand Touring SE700 triple/triple used. Is there any way to know if the fix may have been performed already? Does anyone know if there was there a recall specifically for this problem and if so would the dealer mark the block in some way to note that the problem was corrected?

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SkiDoo Triple/Triple Crank Failures

Postby fmz-700 » January 26th, 2003, 7:10 am

I have a 2000 formula 700 with only
1900 mi just took out mag side crank
bearings. lack of lub. ???

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SkiDoo Triple/Triple Crank Failures

Postby Slater » January 26th, 2003, 12:50 pm

So how do you inspect for the symptoms?

I have a 96 F III and if I can detect this before failure it would be nice.
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SkiDoo Triple/Triple Crank Failures

Postby snodrifter » January 29th, 2003, 11:09 am

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SkiDoo Triple/Triple Crank Failures

Postby nitrosleds » March 31st, 2003, 1:27 pm

I was getting realy scared looking at all the links here and seing that there was this problem with the 98 mach 1 and mach z motors 96 -97 -98
I recently purchased a 98 mach 1 sled and that has had a diferent motor put in it before I got it it turns out the engien is a 99 so I beleive I am safe I was readign through all of the articles and I seen one guys post that made more sence than any one elses and it was to pack that hole with grease and fill the hole . also I heard others that the only way to properly fix this si to disasemble the morot and there is a nub that needs to be drilled so guys be carful on what you do and dont try to cut corners and if there is a flaw to the 1999 mach z motor please fill me in
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SkiDoo Triple/Triple Crank Failures

Postby FIII600 » April 19th, 2003, 1:01 am

I saw you tripple information in the forum. Could you email the pictures on the location of where to drill the oil hole in the case.

Thank You,

Kevin Geldreich
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SkiDoo Triple/Triple Crank Failures

Postby 97Mach1 » April 19th, 2003, 2:29 am

You will be fine with your 1999 motor. That's what I ended up doing to my 1997 Mach 1 (I bought a used motor out of a 1999 Formula III 700). My 1997 motor failed due to loss of coolant. It was disassembled by a dealer, and I could see where the oil hole was punched out in the block, but it wasn't drilled through. Mine had the recall done, which is just to pack the bearing with isoflex grease, and put it back together. I put about 500 miles on the 97 motor, it had 600 miles on it when I bought it.

I have since put 2000 miles on my 1999 motor, without a single problem. I also make sure to fog the heck out of it in the spring before storage.

Good Luck,

1997 Mach 1
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SkiDoo Triple/Triple Crank Failures

Postby doo it » April 20th, 2003, 11:07 pm

It's "Killing me" a couple of people have a problem and some of you are ready to ditch your ride as fast as a women with crabs!

We have "5" 1996 600 F111's not one has been opened up, and not one has had a problem! they very in milage from 2500 miles to 10,000! thats right 10,000. One has 5500 miles on it, and it has been hammered on every mile! NO! crank falure.

I would say it's more the injector oil you are using. We "All" are using Amzoil 100% syn. injector oil. The regular Ski-Doo injector oil is crap! use a good Syn. and you should be fine!

Drive it! enjoy it! and if something happens? Then fix it!

Life is too short to stand and worrie about something that hasn't happend yet, or may never happen at all!

The guy that drilled a hole in the outside of your case, thinking you were going to hook a oil line up to it. You sir have made a "Huge" mistake! you have wrecked the case and now it's going to cost you! more "money" then if you had let somebody qualified do the job in the first place!

I am a mech. and when people try to save money doing it themselves! it almost "Always" costs them twice as much in the end! 50% to fix the orig. problem and 50% to fix their screw-up!

NO! you can't dig the seal out of the side of the case!! "Don't try it"! If you do? you will be paying for a piston and maybe a Cyl. along with your orig. repair(drilling a fuel/oil mix hole in the case).

Take it to a qualified dealer/mech if you have to? otherwise "Ride it" and enjoy!

I had a 1993 mach "Z" in 1995 with over 2000 miles on it. It broke a rod. The dealer gave me a free sled to ride while mine was being fixed(a 670 summit) and Ski-Doo gave me a brand new motor! NO CHARGE! Thats a good dealer going to bat for you! If your dealer cares about your future purchases with him/her? he will work with you. "But" you can't bring your sled in beat all to hell, six different kinds of injector oil in the tank, after market eng. parts/work on it, a broken piece of tow rope hanging on the bumper(towing heavy loads can and will take out the PTO bearing) and think your getting "free" repairs. They have to make a living and can't afford to be in the "free" repair business.

Some of you are talking about 1997 sleds. Thats 5 to 6 years "old". How long do you think the Warr. goes? The Warr. is "Over"!! you and "I" have old sleds and a certain amount of risk runs with that fact!

Ride the thing! have fun! and stop thinking abut it! As far as I'm concerned, my triple-triple has been bullet proof! and I will buy another for my son!

Take care

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doo it
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SkiDoo Triple/Triple Crank Failures

Postby MXZ_Heritage700 » April 21st, 2003, 2:49 pm

I had a 98 F-III 600 bought it used three seasons ago with 2600 miles on it. Last year at about 4400miles it blew the crank and fried a piston. Took it into my dealer and they wanted $2400 to fix it, and didn't mention that they had problems with the triple triples. Ended up selling it for $1,000 and bought an 02 MXZ700 adren. this year and loved it. Put 3100 miles on it with now problems at all. I am kind of disappointed that Ski-Doo doesn't do anything about these flaws. It sucks but I am still going to stay loyal to my Ski-Doo's and wouldn't ever consider buying anything else. Good luck to you guys.
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SkiDoo Triple/Triple Crank Failures

Postby darkstar » April 22nd, 2003, 1:04 pm

ski doo nows there is aproblem they used plastic in the bearing races to make them quieter but they dont last get a hold of the crankshop in vermont they can help you
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