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carb setup

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carb setup

Postby 600 EDGE » January 6th, 2002, 6:14 am

dropping the needle jets, does it lean or richen it out and on the mikuni carbs does turning the fuel screw out lean or richen it out on the keihin carbs does the fuel screw lean or richen when turning the screw out. thanks
600 EDGE
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carb setup

Postby snoguy14 » January 6th, 2002, 7:23 am

dropping the needle on a mikky carb leans out the main jet as for th air-idle jet get a manual because if your mikky has the screw on the motor side the adjustment is different than if the air-idle screw is on the airbox side.As for that other carb i hate them and will never try to set one up again.
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carb setup

Postby straycat » January 7th, 2002, 12:50 am

as you drop the needle you go lean, bring it up, you go ritch. One notch in either direction can make a huge diference to your bottom and mid-range to about 3/4 throttle. After that your main jet takes over.
as far as the air idle screw goes, you realy shouldn't have to mess with that. it is already 1.5 turns out from the factory. They only recomend 2 full turns out otherwise the screw can fall out. (no spring presure to hold it from vibrating) If this happens you will create a lean condition and damage the engine.
There is a tunning book for mikkuni carbs writen by Olav Aaen. I highly recomend this book to everybody! It is easy to read and understand. And will help you understand the mikkuni carbs.

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carb setup

Postby thekrust » January 7th, 2002, 8:17 pm

On both carbs you are referring to the fuel screw, this is actually the air screw turning it out leans the mixture, this adjustment is basicaly effecting fuel from idle to 25% throttle opening
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