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Miles on your 2002

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Miles on your 2002

Postby Fox click » January 9th, 2002, 7:04 am

How many miles do you have on your 2002 sled? and what kind do you have? I have 650, on my xc700 sonic Blue all tug hill miles
Fox click
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Miles on your 2002

Postby CatmanZR800 » January 9th, 2002, 7:19 am

Well, I have a whopping 22miles (35km) on my black '02 ZR800 EFI CC.

Minnesota has really sucked for snow so far.

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Miles on your 2002

Postby arctic333 » January 9th, 2002, 7:34 am

26 miles on my ZR 600 efi. Not good.
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Miles on your 2002

Postby Skidawg » January 9th, 2002, 8:41 am

192 on my 2002 Polaris 600 Edge X.
TMB Riders from West Bloomfield, WI
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Miles on your 2002

Postby Tantrum » January 9th, 2002, 8:48 am

zero, naut, nill, nada
Its not a 2002 but I have NO miles this year. Snow has been very disapionting this year so far.
Im going up this weekend and Im gonna ride in the rocks if I have to. I figure with all the gas money Ive saved not riding yet I can spend it on repairs.
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Miles on your 2002

Postby catzilla » January 9th, 2002, 9:15 am

225 on my 02 zr 600 efi cc, think of wasting a year warranty on a new sled with no snow, bad news for the buyer, good news for the dealer.
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Miles on your 2002

Postby Blue Yami » January 9th, 2002, 9:15 am

505 miles on my Viper. Rode between Christmas and New Year's in the U.P. I feel real bad for you guys at zero. This winter sucks!
Blue Yami
Blue Yami
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Miles on your 2002

Postby ZRT800 » January 9th, 2002, 9:34 am

Not a new sled, but 391 miles so far this season. If weather doesn't get cold soon that may be all I do this year!!
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Miles on your 2002

Postby msoukup » January 9th, 2002, 9:39 am

411 miles on my 02 600 edge x. all on tug hill
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Miles on your 2002

Postby ZRBob » January 9th, 2002, 10:07 am

250 miles so far this year on 01 ZR500 over New Years in UP and Eagle River WI. Not good miles but better than nothing. 52 degrees here today in southern WI. This winter sucks! But that nothing the rest of you don't already know.
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