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How many miles on your sleds?

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How many miles on your sleds?

Postby St. Zenon Zero » February 17th, 2002, 12:50 pm

Everyone seems to think a sled is worn out at 5000 miles. I have one of the first 200 1995 XLT Extras that were made with 22,000 miles. Two 98 XLT Specials with 9200 miles and 5800 miles. A 97 Classic with 10,000 miles. All sleds have original motors, cluthches, and tracks. All their miles were put on in Quebec. I will be riding these for many more miles. How many miles on your machines. When do you think they are worn out?
St. Zenon Zero
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How many miles on your sleds?

Postby snofisher » February 17th, 2002, 2:13 pm

I have a 96 XLT special that just went over 5000 miles. I have had to replace 1 bearing in the rear skid, thats it other than new plugs, new belt and carbides for the ski's. The hyfax are to my knowledge still the originals(I bought the sled used with 2000 miles on it). I also had a 1983 cross country indy with over 15,000 on it and my dad owened a trail with 20,000 and a phazer with 10,000. The last three were still going strong when we sold them. They did at one time while we owned them blow a piston or 2. Other than that just normal maintainence.
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How many miles on your sleds?

Postby Polar Randy » February 17th, 2002, 9:34 pm

How many miles a sled will last can vary greatly. How long will it last without major maint. depends on how hard its thrashed. From what I have seen(been snowmobiling since 1979) at about 5 to 7 thousand miles your probaly going to get into some major repairs. Bearings-drive shaft,jack shaft,idler wheels. Clutches- springs,bushings,etc. Chaincase chain. shocks and steering components. Track is probaly worn. Motor may need service(top-end or crank). Chassis (bulkhead and tunnel) are starting to fatigue. All these things are maintenance. When you drive 400 to 600 miles for a weekend ride you don,t want mech. failure, although new sleds break too. I see alot of people selling their sleds with only 2 or 3k on them. Nice to see they can last 10k or more.
Polar Randy
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How many miles on your sleds?

Postby Pacman » February 18th, 2002, 1:08 am

I have only 700 miles on it...and I expect to put approx. 500 miles this coming weekend up in the St-Come area...
I normally change sled every 2 years...
My 01SRX700 had 4,500 kms and only replaced the carbides and plugs.
It's all about maintenance/ can always buy a lemon though!!!
I've seen people with over 12,000 miles on XLT's and some 98-99 SRX's 700 with more than 16,000 kms with original engines/clutching.
Al. (02ZR800EFI)

As long as you ride!!!
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How many miles on your sleds?

Postby Riley » February 20th, 2002, 12:13 am

It all depends on how well a sled has been maintained. I had a 89 Indy 650 that I had over 9500 miles on. When I sold it the sled still looked like new. I did replace all the bearings and put a new track on it and replaced all the tierod ends
PJH Racing
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How many miles on your sleds?

Postby maverick27R » February 20th, 2002, 4:38 am

My uncle bought a 96 yamaha vmax 600 in 1998 and sold it this summer with over 13,000 miles on it with no major repairs. He sold it for 100 dollars less than he paid for it.
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How many miles on your sleds?

Postby #1sledhead » February 20th, 2002, 6:03 am

I have a '99 arctic cat p/s 700 with 4500 miles on it. so far this year alone i put close to 1500 miles on it! it should have been retired 1000 miles ago. I had to put new hyfax in it new bulk-head, new headlight, needs a new hood hinge and belly pan and skid plate!
ride the best--ride an Arctic-cat.
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How many miles on your sleds?

Postby geminiblue5 » February 20th, 2002, 10:14 am

Have a 2000 SuperSport 550 fan, just 2600 miles on it, nothing compared to other mileage I seen in this thread, only thing replaced was the hydraulic rear track shock. Water got in it due to bad seal, also replaced carbides. Starts first pull whether sub zero or warmed-up. Changed one set of plugs. I agree, maintenance is "THE KEY". You take of your sled, it will take care of you.
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