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Watched a sled run 130 MPH in 1000 feet!

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Watched a sled run 130 MPH in 1000 feet!

Postby GlennXC » March 2nd, 2002, 10:04 am

Today, my friend had some radar runs on a lake near his house. This friend of my friend has a 1500 PSI motor in a 01 Edge X chassis with a 136" track. It ran 128 MPH twice, 121 once, and 130 twice. My friend has a stock 02 XC 800 with a 136 and ran 98 MPH. Another guy ran 94 MPH on his stock 02 XC 700. Another guy ran 104 MPH with an 02 XC 800 with Crank Shop pipes and 240 studs. The conditions were ice, no snow, but kind of a thin layer of slush on top.
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Watched a sled run 130 MPH in 1000 feet!

Postby speednutt » March 3rd, 2002, 11:44 am

on saturday march 2, 2002 @ mcgregor Mn.

top speed 155mph Dan Strom, Buck fifty racing
with close runner up rick stellback running 154.9
this was a 1000' strip with timing lights, not radar.

i set up a 99 skidoo mxzx 440 that ran 94.67mph there. that is fast but i only managed to take 4th place in stock 440. the fastest was 99mph. i can't beleive it either. but i seen it with my own eyes.

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Watched a sled run 130 MPH in 1000 feet!

Postby tcat2 » March 3rd, 2002, 1:27 pm

Are you new to snowmobiling??? That's not much of a milestone. I did that 2 years ago with my 1200cc (And re-geard) Thundercat, And then I was rudly introduced to the world 0f "Trashing". (See other board)

Obviously your bud's sled was re-geared, clutched, etc .... in addition to the increase in CC's ... because no sled will do that with stock gearing.

Go out to the Radar Runs at Alton Bay, NH any year besides this year (Ice didn't freeze), and you will see quite a few sleds, Pol, Cat & Doo... (All built to 1200CC & better) capable of those kind of numbers.
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Watched a sled run 130 MPH in 1000 feet!

Postby Riley » March 4th, 2002, 2:43 am

Hey Speednutt I was also at McGregor on Saturday. I managed to run a 112.67 with my Ultra. I was about 4 mph down so I loaded up and went to Knife Lake and put on about 47 miles on my trail sled. First time out for that sled this year. Are they going to have another speed run next weekend? Riley
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Watched a sled run 130 MPH in 1000 feet!

Postby thekrust » March 5th, 2002, 3:00 am

My race sled runs a consistant 106mph in 660ft. I've never had the opportunity to run 1000ft but I'm guessing if you give me another 340ft I'll bust 130 too, since it still holds the skis off the ground at the end of the run. And oh yea, It only has a 925cc mill.
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Watched a sled run 130 MPH in 1000 feet!

Postby skid » March 5th, 2002, 11:02 am

These are realistic numbers. Back when ice racing was still somewhat big the 440 record was 100.3something in a 1000 feet. Lake racers could go 125 or so before they broke out and 800 pro stocks went 140. If your sled does 106 in 660 feet it still may have problems running 130 in 1000 feet. If the compression ratio is too high (the squish is too high) it will have a problem with prededonation thus you will have to fatten up the jetting and this will not build the heat needed to run the high speeds over a longer distance.
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