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Here is something to PONDER.

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Here is something to PONDER.

Postby psycho sledder » September 17th, 2002, 6:50 am

But if you wonder just a bit more you'd realize yamaha only aims its sleds at people who only trail ride not, the aggrresive riders. When did yamaha last introduce a good ditch banger????????
The vmax sx and SXR were not even close.
psycho sledder
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Here is something to PONDER.

Postby bad-ass-zx800 » September 17th, 2002, 6:53 am

WTF man is that Kawi Fugly. Whoever buys one of them things is crazy its just plain weird looking. To me the Banshee and the Raptor are the best looking Quads out there then again the new Polaris Predetor is a sweet looking Quad to. Ohhh ya i dont have a ATV but if somebody wants to buy me one for Xmas i'll take one LOL.
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Here is something to PONDER.

Postby maxiracer » September 17th, 2002, 7:04 am

Yeah, it just doesn't make sense. Yamaha has ohlins to make shocks, resources to build wild engines! And they build timid trail cruisers, just imagine if Yam had kept the srx 600, put it in a copy of the Open sleds they raced last season they would have a awesome aggressive trail sled right out of the box! But no, you can chose a viper,or a sxr 600. All of which are nice sleds, and will get with the program with some mods, but why not make a hot sled right from the start? I don't get it.....
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Here is something to PONDER.

Postby yukon corneilius » September 17th, 2002, 8:51 am

yes maxi, i see your poit,but i've never heard anyone say "i want this ski doo cause it kicked butt in snow-x the last 3 races"
people buy what they buy and spend their $ on what they see fit, if someone is willing to drop $7k on a sled, i don't think he cares much about what someone else thinks about his choice. unless vanity is a concern.
yukon corneilius
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Here is something to PONDER.

Postby Big Native » September 17th, 2002, 9:20 am

Here is another point to ponder:
Yamaha has been making the the Banshee since 1987 I believe. For the 1st 10 years of it's production, it had a lower a-arm, and upper "J-Arm" they called it. It served the same purpose as an a-arm, but was lighter. Unfortunatly, the "j-arm" was prone to break over time due to the stress involved. So they switched back to a standard upper "a-arm" after over 10 years of trying different things.
That was the last time anyone even bothered with the upper "J-arm" configuration. That was until last year with the introduction of the new F-Cats.
You think if Arctic was going to use somebody else's design, they would have at least used one that worked well.......
Big Native
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Here is something to PONDER.

Postby kawicat » September 17th, 2002, 9:31 am

of course it works! did anyone have an once of problems with a-arms on the sno-pros last year? NO!

if anyone should be worried about a-arms it should be rx-1 owners. with the 16 tons it has to support plus, the one inch bumps found behind a groomer. it wouldn't surprise me to see new steel update kits come out for the rx-1's!
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Here is something to PONDER.

Postby Ridblu » September 17th, 2002, 1:29 pm

Great post drifter....

My wife and I are die hard ATVers. I follow the ATV industry just as much or more (oops - this is a snowmobile site). Yamaha is where its at!! I have a '86 200DX, '92 Timberwolf, '97 Timberwolf, '00 Warrior, '00 Big Bear 4x4, '01 Grizzly and currently an '01 Wolverine & '03 Kodiak 450. Yamaha make a top notch ATV. Oh, ya - don't forget Yamaha's motorcross. My wife has a '01 TTR125L and loves it. Oh, ya - don't forget Yamaha's waverunners.... I can't tell you how many Seadoo's I've towed to shore before.

I guess I could go on and on..... When you combine the other model lines that these brands manufacture, Yamaha - is on the top! Hands down.
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Here is something to PONDER.

Postby M10rules » September 17th, 2002, 1:48 pm

So why doesn't Yamaha put a little bit of time and engineering resources into their snowmobiles? I agree that they have great sport quads and bikes (don't pay attention to PWCs) but their sled lineup is hurting big time. As for Polaris and Arctic Cats quads, look at how much longer Yamaha has been doing it compared to them. Arctic's ATV department is still in its infancy with Polaris just coming to life in the sport quads. If their sport quads follow the rest of their product lines, they will be the best very soon.
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Here is something to PONDER.

Postby Xtreme XC » September 18th, 2002, 1:40 am

I got a chance to ride a Yamaha GP1200R and their 3 seater 1200 a week ago. I thought I would really like the GP1200R but wasn't the case. Now comparing it to a '01 Polaris SLX 1200 I had for several weeks mid summer the Yami was faster on top (raced a guy) by a couple mph but the SLX was slightly quicker out of the hole (mainly due to impeller pitch of course). But the Yami was too heavy. It was a little more stable and great as long as you kept it in a straight line but once you start making turns and jumping wake the Polaris shined there over the GP1200R. The lighter weight of the Pol just made it a lot funner PWC to me. And why no bilge pump on the Yamaha? That was a nice thing on the SLX. Also the SLX had electronic trim with the push of a button where Yamaha has that gay "twist trim" feature.

While out riding the 3 seater Yami started taking in water and we had to pull it to shore. The hose clamp holding the exhaust tube came loose and water was pooring in there when not on plain. If it had a bilge pump it would have kept us from having to pull it to shore, heave the thing up on land and pull the drain plug, plus pulling plugs and gettting the water out of the motor so it didn't hydrolock. So while turning the motor over to get the water out the battery died. Luckily there was a car there of a person we knew and had umper cables to use to finish drying out the motor. We got er running again but what a time consuming bunch of crap.

Yamaha has some fast top end PWC's on the market but I don't think they are the best by any means. The MSX is going to give some good compitition but now the weight thing is taking place.
Xtreme XC
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Here is something to PONDER.

Postby yukon corneilius » September 18th, 2002, 8:42 am

buddy, the xlt has an auto baler system, it only works when you are up on plane.
yukon corneilius
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