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Your OWN sled History

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Your OWN sled History

Postby 7up Yours » October 1st, 2002, 1:05 am

I started at the age of 4.

1984 season
Sled #1- 1979 Arctic Cat Lynx 2000 "T".
On my Fourth trail Ride I TOTALED it.

Sled #2- 1980 Arctic Cat Jag 3000 F/C
Rode it for Nine Seasons.

Sled #3- 1985 Arctic Cat el Tigre' 6000
One season only. My mom bought it for me for my 13th birthday. It was My Dad's old sled (he died when I was nine.) So it was kind-of weird. Too sentimental. Had to sell it.

Sled #4- 1990 Arctic Cat el Tigre' EXT
Had alot of fun on this one. Was once owned by someone on the AC Board of directors.

Sled #5- 1986 Arctic Cat el Tigre' 6000.
Never Rode it. Bought it from a guy who said "all it needs was a new Piston, and re-sleeve the cylinder". When I tore the engine down the only salvagable items were the bottom half of the crankcase, and the flywheel. He had managed to sell me a major POS, which was scraped.

Sled #6 1987 Arctic Cat el Tigre' 5000.
Had it for five years. Wasen't bad, but it was slow.

Sled #7 1998 Arctic Cat ZR 440 Sno-Pro.
CMCCR Semi-Pro points leading champ sled. FAST. I miss it.

Sled #8 1988 Arctic Cat Wildcat.
Needed a spare, and for $500 I thought it would do.

2002 season - through now
Sled #9 2001 Arctic Cat ZR 440 Sno-Pro.
CMCCR pro point leading champ sled. Although he used another sled for most of the season to get there. It has been well Cared for.

Sled #10(Misc.) 1976 Arctic Cat Panther.

Sled #11(Misc.) 1974 Arctic Cat Panther.

Sled #12(Misc.) 1978 Yamaha SX- Mod

Sled #13(Misc.) 1980 Arctic Cat Pantera

I bought or accuired all of these Misc sleds to fix and sell.
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Your OWN sled History

Postby bad-ass-zx800 » October 1st, 2002, 1:12 am

Hmmmm let me think here.

First sled i ever rode was a 72 Rupp Nitro My uncles sled which he still had and he also has a 71 Rupp he has owned them both since they were new.
First sled i had that was mine was a 1983 Yamaha Vmax 540 Liquid Cooled. It was a good first sled.
1989 SkiDoo Mach 1 583
1995 SkiDoo Formula SS 670
1996 SkiDoo Formula 3 600 Triple gotta love the sound of them triple with stingers on them.
1999 SkiDoo Mxz670 HO this b***h would run.
2000 SkiDoo Mxz600 Special Edition.
2001 SkiDoo Mxzx800 Still have it
2002 Mxzx800 Soon to have a few little aftermarket goodies on it.

There is my sled history.
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Your OWN sled History

Postby SlapNuts » October 1st, 2002, 1:43 am

92 Indy 500
94 Phazer
95 XLT 2up
00 ZR 700
01 800XCSP
01 ZR 800 LE (sold before I rode)

I feel bad for you guys that have owned 1 brand of sled your whole life, that must suck.
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Your OWN sled History

Postby Rotax700x » October 1st, 2002, 2:02 am

#1 1970 ski-doo olympic 335
#2 1972 ski-doo TNT 440
#3 1972 ski-doo TNT 640
#4 19?? Chapparel Firebird SSX 440 triple F/A IFS
#4 1983 ski-doo 7500 plus
#5 1986 ski-doo Formula MX
#6 1992 ski-doo Mach 1
#7 2001 ski-doo MXZx
[b]02 Honda 400EX
01 Ski-doo MXZx 700
93 Honda CBR 1000F[/b]
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Your OWN sled History

Postby Captain » October 1st, 2002, 2:24 am

7? kitty cat (age 2 to 6)
74 jag 2000 (7 to 11)
77 Jag 3000 (11)
87 Cougar (12)
88 Cougar (13 to 16)
90 Prowler (16 to 17)
94 EXT efi (17 to 18)
95 zr580 efi (18)
96 zrt600 (19 to 24)
00 zr600efi (24 to 26)
02 zr800 efi CCE
These are the sleds that I rode, my dad and brother had others at the same time.
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Your OWN sled History

Postby old_bart » October 1st, 2002, 3:01 am

Commoun Freezer!! I`ll am shy.
You know,first touch of Sled''s was a year 1963-4

sorry! But I don't really rememer right year!

Sled was Doo Olympique,from dealer!
WHAT a Wonderfool afternoon!!!!!

Mine first OWN sled was WINHA YM 1974 ,Finnish made ,powered 280 cc Kohler ,one cylinder!

My son ,PDS! (??!!!!) like i call him , Perfect Destroyer of Snowmobiles! I did byu PDS:s first sled to anniwersary of 3 year's. That was Kitty Cat.

All good to all fren'ds !

Empty pocket Paa!!!(father)

Try understand!

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Your OWN sled History

Postby REDWING » October 1st, 2002, 3:28 am

70's-sno-jet sst
85-el tigre 6000 (1'st new sled)
97-ultra spxse
00-classic 700 dlx (wifes 1'st new sled)
2k2-xc 800 m/10
2k2-xc 700 m/10

I might be off on the years.
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Your OWN sled History

Postby treewhacker » October 1st, 2002, 3:32 am

Early 70's Rupp Nitro. Thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. What a power house. OOOF
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Your OWN sled History

Postby maxiracer » October 1st, 2002, 4:05 am

I've owned too many of the d a m n things to list them all. But hey, here goes...
1. 1969 scorpion mark II 300 (first sled I rode,was 6, was my dads, still have it)
2. 1974 Arctic Cat Cheetah 340 (First sled I bought, 11 years old)
The rest are in no particuler order, just as I remember them, and remember I grew up on a farm and had mucho room to keep them.
3.76 doo tnt 250 rv
4.71 doo tnt 440 wide track
5.72 doo 335 oly
6.74 Moto ski TS 400 Grand sport FA
7.73 Moto ski cadet 250
8.71 Cat panther 399
9.73 scorpion super stinger
10. 74 scorpion super stinger
11. 75 scorpion lil whip 290
12. 72 viking vanguard 340
13. 74 el tigre 340
14. 76 JD Liquifire 440
15. 74 Cat panther 440
16. 73 Johnson Golden Ghost
17. 72 sno jet 396ss
18. 73 sno jet 396+2
19. 72 sno jet 292ss
20. 69 sno jet 150
21. 73 Gilson 435
22. 70 tnt 335 black dot(wish I had kept that)
23. 79 Kawasaki Invader 440
24. 82 JD Liquifire (1st race sled, and best sled I ever had!!! it was awesome for what it was, nev er should have sold it)
25. 81 ski-doo super mod chassis with 56hp 467 Rotax engine, great racer, wish I still had it)
26 93 Doo MX-Z (great sled, raced well and the guy I sold it to, beat it unmercifully and it never left him stranded)
27. 95 MX-Z 440 (still have and still ride, great sled, I love the looks of the F2000 chassis)
28. 94 Doo race shop built F3(Caderrete collisions race sled, was F3 champ sled in 95, I bought in 97, served my very well in 2 seasons f3 racing, now gets run for fun on the local lake)
29. 73 merc hurricane 634
30. 74 doo elan 250t for my son
31. 75 tnt 245 rv
32. 97 doo mx-zx 440lc (last stock class race sled I bought)
33. skiroule RT300 (converted into a vintage racer)
34. 94 Polaris 600 F3(built by troy pierce, raced by Roy Echinberg and Kurt Medler, sat on the front row at the soo in 94, planned to run a few enduros with it in 98, but never did)
I think that's about it, I miss some of them sleds, most went when we got out of farming. some of these would be worth good money now.
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Your OWN sled History

Postby kawicat » October 1st, 2002, 4:28 am

i will list everything my immediate family has had or has. the server would explode if i listed everything my whole family has owned and driven.

79 jag 340 fan (still around)
(mine)80 john deere trailfire 340 (still around)
(mine)79 polaris apollo 340 (scraped)
71 skidoo olympic 399 (parted out)FIRST SLED EVER.
(mine)71 lynx (vintage racer, still with the big cats in the garage)

71 panther 340 (scraped and parted out)

82 skidoo citation 4500 (70+ mph out of a 370! one tough sled that has been in several wrecks, still around and one of the best we have ever had)

76 mercury trailtwister 340 (brand new engine just got dropped in, that sat on a shelf for 20 some years, still around and completely rebuilt)this sled was dragged its whole life, has had three different tracks, and the original motor had 5000 miles on it. never was rebuilt. now it is sitting in a box in our basement.

74 el tigre 400- motor went south. still have the chassis laying out back

(mine)76 john deere cyclone 340 super mod. this sled was my proudest achivement in sledding. i completely rebuilt and modified this baby into a killer. it had dual 34mm carbs, cut heads, hi-out put hewtech cdi box, new reeds, comet clutch set-up like a 340/s, and a set of open stinger jdx8 7600rpm grass drag pipes. this sled was killer fast in short drags. i never had a truck or the money to take it too any races, but it would slaughter a 440 cyclone and 340 el tigre. sold it for 200 bucks. wish i had this one back! it is roaming around somewhere in MN. the guy put it back too stock, and wants 650 bucks for it now. i should have saved atleast the pipes! they were what woke this beast up.

77 john deere cyclone 440. did about 70 on hard pack. never had a windshield, and was quite heavy.

73 moto-ski cadet 295, same motor as the silver bullet, but with a single carb. this sled is scary fast too fast for the narrow chassis. fun bomber that is still mint except for a small crack in the hood.

(mine)71 moto-ski capri 295- had the 295 added in. just like the 73 except a different body style. this motor was transplanted right out of a silver bullet, but it only came with one carb. i wish for the life of me i would have kept the dual manifolds so i could have put dual mikunis on it!!!

now the new stuff:

99 zr 500, this sled is beyond mint must have been in a bubble its whole life! no flaws, dents scrapes, scratches, nothing. track was never studded.

(mine)99 zl 600 efi- mine, has minor trail branch scrapes otherwise very nice, with low miles.

98 z 440 dad's sled. has one crack in the hood and one tear in the seat. otherwise very nice shape.

coming soon:

(2) 72 panther 292's a pair that has less than a 1000 original miles on. may pick them up tonight.

(Mine)73 puma z 440 replica drag racer. will have a few custom touches that weren' original. the rarest of the rare vintage cats, and i have the parts to built one and cat race stuff, just need the time and money to re- built and paint the chassis.

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