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Big 4 overproduction

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Big 4 overproduction

Postby kenlacy » March 26th, 2003, 7:49 am

I don't doubt that the manu's aim high. However, this makes it 2 straight years of pitiful snow conditions in the midwest (we did not have 1 day of rideable snow in Brainerd,North Central MN). the manu's have no control over that. Being that the Midwest is the largest market for sled sales - it's gotta hurt.

Not saying that it is right for them to shove product down throats, but I also wouldn't blame it on overproduction as much as I would on lack of snow.
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Big 4 overproduction

Postby MM700 » March 26th, 2003, 7:53 am

Ture, guys, but...the upper midwest has had 5 poor winters in a diehards are the only people buying new sleds every two years, simply because I have to...Once you start putting on 6 to 7 thousand miles every two have to get rid of it.....I go where the snow is...I ride when ever I can...I have buddies who ride...but not like me...they just aren't into it as much as fact one guy has an 01 Ski-D00 800 with 1,500 miles on it.....had mine not been stolen..I would have had more than him in one year....and that's my point....not everybody buys a new sled every two years...just us die buddy is gonna keep his 01 another year...because it's basically in good condition....with low miles...that's what is happeneing to the market right now...people are keeping their old sleds longer because we have had poor winters....who wants to spend $7,000 and not really be able to use it....I really don't....but...I get that itch around the end of JUly after I watch my first grass drag....and it just grates on me..until I buy something....;)
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