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Postby RotaxGuy » April 25th, 2003, 3:32 am

Mainecat - You're right. I spend a lot more on fuel with Ski-Doo's than I did with Cats. Might have something to do with the fact that it's never broken. It's amazing how much more fuel you go through when it's not in the shop/garage. BTW, I get 12-14 mpg on my 02 MXZ 600. That's a gas guzzler?

Go Wild.

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Postby FreezurBurnt » April 25th, 2003, 3:40 am

Honda great engines ???

Civic with phart can?

EX 400 air cool 4stroke?

Foreman 450???

XR 650???

Besides the CBRs engines what is so exciting coming out of Honda

People wanting Honda or their engines in the market don't even know what the hell they are talking about

Yes they are reliable but far from exciting

Yup would love one of those amnemic engines in my Doo LOL
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Postby BANDITS SRX » April 25th, 2003, 3:41 am

M10, what is your source for these #? I was told by a dealer that the RX-1 was the best selling model. But he could not give me numbers or a source to find the numbers.
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Postby snirt » April 25th, 2003, 3:45 am

you guys say that rotax engines suck, but in my circle of friends we have never had a doo die. in fact the yami's, pol's, and doo's have very good riding-to-wrenching ratios. but the cats in the group have spent alot of time on the quiet end of tow straps. that's just my experience, i know others may have a different story to tell. some of the cat riders i know wouldn't consider buying anything but a cat, yet they spend an unbelievable amount of time fixing them. i don't understand, but whatever. i'm sure many of you guys have doo-meltdown stories to tell, but my experience says that doo's don't "suck". my 600 H.O. is comperable in HP to the pol liberty 6, and (from what i hear) the f6.

ok, i'm done rambling for now.
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Postby snirt » April 25th, 2003, 3:48 am

honda is good at getting alot of power out of small engines, and do it quietly, and reliably. their CR 2 strokes are the benchmark, i believe.
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Postby valin » April 25th, 2003, 5:34 am

hi snirt... you're saying that honda are getting good power out of their engine !?!?!?!?!?!?! :-|

man... i never heard that... in fact, every person i know will tell you the oposit !

they probably have the lowest hp/cc overall ration in the industrie... all the honda atv's are crawlers.. it's incrdible... i'm not a big fan of racing bike, but the people that i know who are, say that yamaha and suzuki are way far from honda ( in the good direction ).

in fact, i think it is why they are so reliable, they do not exploit their engines, so they last for ever !!!

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Postby Big Native » April 25th, 2003, 6:22 am

the only thing slower then the Honda ATV is an Arctic Cat ATV. Those things rule the "Guttless Wonder" catagory.
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Postby ZRT800 » April 25th, 2003, 8:46 am

SuperDave, I think you better re-read my original post. I no way did I say that Cat invented the Rev. WTF? Chill out buddy. I was complimenting the Rev, except for the engines.

The way I see it, Bombi must export all of their "good" engines. There's no freaken way they are as reliable as you guys think!!! LOL Come up to Ontario. Doo's blow up. Plain & simple!! Yes they do have some good engines, some. But I actually know of die hard Doo guys that carry spare piston kits with them when they go touring!!! No Joke!! Skidoo is my 2nd favourite brand. The reliability is what keeps me from buying one. I love the Renegade!! But there's no way in hell that I'll buy a Rotax powered sled!!
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Postby skidoo04 » April 25th, 2003, 12:21 pm

Rotax makes some of the most high tech engines in snowmobiling. I have a Mxz 700 with 9000 miles on the mill and nothing has ever broken. the engine still runs as strong as when it was new. My arctic cat had 4000 miles on it when I got rid of it and I had to rebuild that engine twice. Oh yeah the zrt engines are some of the most unreliable piece of sh*ts ever assembled. And just to let you know that problem that you spoke of was a casting problem in the block and only in the 500's for 03
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Postby p-ryde42 » April 25th, 2003, 12:36 pm

What clean high Tech 2S has cat of polaris built? Yamaha and Ski-doo are build engines that we will need after 2006. C and P need Honda engines the most not Ski-Doo LOL.
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