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Tug Hill Crusin' 2003 Attendees

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Tug Hill Crusin' 2003 Attendees

Postby ATV News moderator » July 9th, 2003, 8:57 am

I need some help with names from the event last year. Yes, believe it or not, I'm finally writing the story.

I'm wondering about George with the RX-1. I can't remember his last name or handle.

Also, GiftGirl, I don't have her name in my notes.

Anyone have any help for me?

ATV News moderator
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Tug Hill Crusin' 2003 Attendees

Postby Slowgoer » July 9th, 2003, 9:39 am

George goes by Supernova!! Gift Girl is girl I guess got me on that one.I'm sure TS will help u out!!
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Tug Hill Crusin' 2003 Attendees

Postby Icehole » July 9th, 2003, 11:06 am

Will the Mich ride be mentioned?...or was that too controversial? Seems it would be a shame not to include it after the work that was put into it.The extraciricular bad decision should'nt strike it from the history books.I'll assume the right thing will be done and look forward to readin about both rides.
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Tug Hill Crusin' 2003 Attendees

Postby SLEDHEADRED » July 9th, 2003, 11:44 am

He probably wont mention the Mich trash ride,as he didnt feel it necessary to come and attend it.
Controversy is a part of life!!
But honorable mention would be nice, but i wont hold my breath!:)
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Tug Hill Crusin' 2003 Attendees

Postby Big Toe » July 9th, 2003, 1:10 pm

No....No....No.... Don't mention the TRASHER RIDE....Yamaha doesn't need anymore bad press.
Maybe it will be better next year.
Big Toe
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Tug Hill Crusin' 2003 Attendees

Postby jefff1 » July 9th, 2003, 2:27 pm

I've always known Giftgirl as GG....and you don't have to mention her nailing that tree on the water crossing with that rented was sort of humorous though....
Tom Kat
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Tug Hill Crusin' 2003 Attendees

Postby zert » July 9th, 2003, 2:45 pm

Once again I would like to point out that the Michigan trasher ride went very well, but the whole thing had a negative spin put on it because of one unfortunate incident. If we are strictly talking about the ride, it was a great time. Hopefully next season more trashers make it to the UP, Blake included. A few more months and I'll be making plans for it.
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Tug Hill Crusin' 2003 Attendees

Postby zr800newyork » July 9th, 2003, 4:52 pm

Super Nova came down from Montreal,Quebec with the RX-1 and GiftGirl flew in from California to "break" herself into the Tug Hill Cruisin' experience :)......George and Lauren ?
Looking forward to the story I'll be happy to
give you e-mails of all participants for your questions Blake... if you'd like.

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Tug Hill Crusin' 2003 Attendees

Postby gg aka giftgirl :) » July 9th, 2003, 11:11 pm

Yes TS you got the first name is I,
Lauren Thomson....jeff whats up with the tree???

I think we should mention something about Bazz and the pink thong headgear, ooh and dont forget his Barbie (the hot blonde from Callie)
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gg aka giftgirl :)
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Tug Hill Crusin' 2003 Attendees

Postby hockeygirl68 » July 9th, 2003, 11:37 pm

I Like how blake refers to our log on name as a handle. Reminds me of the old CB days... LOL
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