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No A-arms for 05

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No A-arms for 05

Postby NYSonic » October 5th, 2003, 5:07 pm

Thats what I was told anyway. Went to the Big East show this past weekend and talked to a once local dealer that now works for Polaris out of PA. I've known the dealer for awhile so I talked one on one w/him for bit and finally brought up the issue of A-arms and he said it wasn't happening for the 05 models. Polaris claims that the trailing arms are still much more stable and can prove this through the tests they have performed and will release a video proving so. He also admitted that last years Pro X's were dogs compared to the previous and Polaris has taken care of that issue also.Also said the body style has completely changed and will have more of a Rev style to it.
Myself....I was dissapointed to hear that they will use the t-arms again. I think Cats suck, but I'm convinced after owning a couple, they have the best front end of the 4.

P.S. It was cool to see ya again T.S. Also got to meet the boys from Snowgoer,Cool to finally meet ya guys.
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No A-arms for 05

Postby zert » October 5th, 2003, 5:20 pm

Don't worry Sonic, I heard that Polaris was coming out with some bold new graphics for 05. Couldn't resist.
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No A-arms for 05

Postby SLEDHEADRED » October 5th, 2003, 11:44 pm

one thing is for sure,t he only BAD thing you guys can say is....BNG'S, if that is the worse they can do, it is still a step above the rest......had to say it......
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No A-arms for 05

Postby Mainecat » October 6th, 2003, 12:35 am

If the rear of the trailing arms get any closer together on a Polaris they will be A-arms anyways. :)
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No A-arms for 05

Postby RENEGADE13 » October 6th, 2003, 5:45 pm

Hey they might change the seat for the second year in a row, oooooh aahhhhhhhhh!!! Can it possibly get any smaller and more uncomfortable??? My guess is I will see about a handful(5) pro x2's on the hill, hey thats 3 more than the 2 rx1's I saw on da hill last year!!!
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No A-arms for 05

Postby funkadelic101 » October 6th, 2003, 7:09 pm

Stable?? How??? It's simple geometry fella's..... Think of every thing that pivots as an arc, or big circle..... The radius rods as they pivot create circles (arcs) as does the trailing arm.... Now think of the top radius rod, imagine the arc it creates as it swings, then imagine the lower rod, it creates a larger arc, (it's a longer radius, oh hey I made a joke, radius rod makes a radius!!!) No puns anymore.....Now realize that these TWO arcs created by the rods HAVE to remain 4" apart (close approximation that the trailing arm mounts have them apart) Seeing as they are tied in onto a trailing arm at a fixed place (the mounting holes) and they create two completely different sized arcs (two differing radius lengths) They WILL DICTATE what the angle of the SPINDLE is throughout travel...... as the travel occurs, the angle (as you look at it from the front towards the back) will change..... As travel numbers increase, the SPINDLE camber change is more dramatic... (this was less significant when travel was 4") ........ NOW!!! Think of the trailing arm..... From it's pivot point, IT creates an ARC!!! Now, look at that nice angle that they have your SPINDLE sitting at, see how from the side is isn't straight up and down??? It's reclined, it has to be to let a sled turn correctly, if the spindle is straight up and down, your ski's don't bite when you turn them..... NOW, as your trailing arm moves through its travel, THAT simple angle (which is critical to turning, and handling) CHANGES!!!! Here's the thing, the Polaris guys find the best spindle angle and camber for overall riding (where the suspension sits at mostly while riding) and make that the point of reference for tuning.... from there, any movement of the front end is off from ideal..... ALSO, that steering design, where it pivots right outside of the rubber boot.... That creates a raduis also!!! And guess what, as the suspension moves, the arms radius changes the position of the steering arms.... So As your hitting a bump going through a corner, yor camber changes, your spindle angle changes, and your ski's angle of turn changes....... MAN, simple geometry is so easy to get!!!!

DON"T believe me,???? Go to your Edge an take off the front shocks, jack it up and cycle it.... weird SH!T goin' on eh??

BTW, for all you guys who claim the Pro-X front end superior because the Pro-X is so short wheel based.... It's 1.5" shorter..... ANd again, think of the trailing arm as a radius in an arc.... Now look at your front shock... straight up and down eh? Yeah, as the trailing arm rotates, that strains the bushings on the shock, and the shock eventually stops compressing after the lower mount passes the upper mount..... They had a group of Reeses monkies on that job.... At least the Edge lets the sled USE the shocks compression cycle by angling the shock rearward.....
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No A-arms for 05

Postby Big Native » October 6th, 2003, 11:53 pm

I don't know funk, maybe they have a new design for the trailing arm suspension.
Look at the new Outlander ATV's from ski-doo. The rear independant suspension uses trailing arms instead of a-arms. A single trailing arm, on each side, and including each shock, top and bottom, that makes for a total of 6 pivot points. (3 on each side) If you take the shocks off, the arms move vertically up and down independant of each other. If you do the same on any other independant rear suspension ATV, you will see that the A-Arms do in fact move in a arc. While this is a radical new design it might be in line with the promise from Polaris to release something "all new" next year. Will something like this work on the front end of a snowmobile? Maybe, maybe not, but I guess sometime next year we will find out for sure. They (Polaris fans) are starting to sound like the Blue Hairs though arn't they?
"Just wait untill next year, you'll see!"
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No A-arms for 05

Postby jefff1 » October 6th, 2003, 11:59 pm

Cool topic....I can brush up on my high school geometry while reading posts...thanks Funkman.....I think I'll go down cellar and look at my A arms some more.....
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No A-arms for 05

Postby Dunior » October 7th, 2003, 2:43 am

ok what bind in the shock, the shock are mounted on a ball type system where the shock can actually be up to I think 25 degrees off center with no binding. Anyway, the dealers don't know what's coming, they are NEVER involved with the new model year. Polaris is a very hush hush company and doesn't release the specs to anyone. I have to agree that trailing arms are more stable, but A arms soak up the bumps better because of the camber of the system in relation to the bump. But time will tell if Polaris changes it of not, the pro drivers are being very hush hush about the new mod sled, so who knows, all I have been told is that it is a nice sled.
Polaris, because I don't like to work on my sled, but I do sure like to beat on them.
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