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It's Snowing !

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It's Snowing !

Postby County Cat » December 15th, 2003, 8:10 am

Hey everybody out there, got home early today from work becasue of the 20 inches of snow already on the ground and another 10-12 expected tonite. Hope it stays this time around. Lakes are not froze enough yet to go across, need some real cold weather for that to happen. Looks like we are going to have a white Xmas after all!
County Cat
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It's Snowing !

Postby Shelbyboy48317 » December 15th, 2003, 8:18 am

No offense County Cat but I am getting sick and tired of everyone else getting snow and Michigan is still brown. What the F*&K!
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It's Snowing !

Postby me and you,we all should ride ski-doo » December 15th, 2003, 9:09 am

county cat,was up in your neck of the woods last yr,trails are cool,and the trading post is even better,i have the webcam shot of fort kent on my computer all the time,i can watch the snow piling up there,we got hammered last night,we are all over the national news,30 inch's as of 8 a.m here in plattsburgh n.y,we probably got another 4 inch's since then,now there is too much snow until it packs down,good luck man,is mars hill still a happening
why here,why now?
what?you want to race my cat?,uuummm,my ski's might crack,the dealer called on my cell,he finally has an opening after the other 15,000 are done,uuummm,my mom said i have to be home in 10 min's,uuummm ,i am low on gas===excuses you might hear from a cat owner when lining up to race
me and you,we all should ride ski-doo
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It's Snowing !

Postby White Lighting » December 15th, 2003, 9:46 am

come to upstate new york if you want to see snow. Two storms two weekends in a row of 20+ inches. Its time to ride boys!
White Lighting
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It's Snowing !

Postby SnowAngel » December 15th, 2003, 12:31 pm

jealous here, from Michigan and am looking out now at about 1-2 inces is all ... but headed to the UP in a week, can't wait!
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It's Snowing !

Postby ktb1046 » December 15th, 2003, 1:16 pm

Shelbyboy- You have no snow?! Here around Gaylord we have about 5-6 inches. Some sleds have been out and about, plus we are suppose to recive snow all this week, can't wait!:B :D
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It's Snowing !

Postby Big Slick » December 15th, 2003, 1:22 pm

Soppose to get a few inches here in west central Mn. tonight. With the wind there talking about it could be ditch riding time again. :)
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Big Slick
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