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When is it too COLD???

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When is it too COLD???

Postby Slednut » January 3rd, 2004, 4:29 pm

Out riding to day with a group of bud's. Temp here was -28 degrees Centegrade, before the wind chill factored in.( that's around -20 Farenheight for our US friends) Weren't cold at all, after the first few miles you had enough heat built up in the suit to keep you going all day.
I read a lot of posts on here about guys riding from 25 - 40 degrees farneheight, to me that seems way too warm! Hell, the snows melting at those temps! Coldest I've ever gone out for a day was last year on a beautiful sunday with 3 friends at -38 C ( also -38 F ) No wind and it was a beautiful ride, as long as you dress for it properly.
What do you guys think??
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When is it too COLD???

Postby KneeDeepInSnow » January 3rd, 2004, 4:43 pm

when you can't start your sled!!!!

can't actually say for sure.....i think the coldest i've ridden in was -20c
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When is it too COLD???

Postby snofisher » January 3rd, 2004, 4:49 pm

In the mid to late 80's we rode many times when the high was 0 to (f)minus 10 out with -30 wind chills. had sleds with out e-start, we used to take a paint stripper heat gun and point in on the bottom of the motor to warm it up to be able to pull it over.
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When is it too COLD???

Postby 80ss440 » January 3rd, 2004, 4:56 pm

brr..just thinking about -38 deg. celcius gives me the chills
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When is it too COLD???

Postby topjimmi » January 3rd, 2004, 5:16 pm

When your riding on the lake and you turn around cause its too cold to have fun. and all of a sudden at 60 mph it feels like your riding in a troppical breeze, thats when its too damn cold!! and if you dont belive me ask MX-Zaholic.
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When is it too COLD???

Postby 89Indy500_sp » January 3rd, 2004, 6:13 pm

iv gone out when its been like -4 w/o windchill... it has not been that cold the past few winters and i did not start to sled regurally till 1998...
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When is it too COLD???

Postby NorthernSkunk » January 3rd, 2004, 7:22 pm

It must be -35 celcius right now up here...I just walked a block from a local f/k I am gonna go ridin in those temps tomorrow(I might do a garage visit run though:)).... Sorry but I am too old for that extreme cold ridin **** just costs me money when the sled shatters.

..If certain people wanted to race me in a x-country though.....I would get dressed for it.(hey lurkers..ya read that ya wusses) lol
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When is it too COLD???

Postby M-10 » January 4th, 2004, 12:19 am

Aint no reason to go out in anything below the negitive side of zero. I have been riding so many years that I dont need to go out when its that friken cold. You get wiser with age.
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When is it too COLD???

Postby jefff1 » January 4th, 2004, 12:56 am

I can't remember riding in below zero weather as it doesn't get that cold in WNY..most of our riding temps are from +15-35F...maybe it will though on our ride next week on Tug Hill...Northern NY is whole different ball game for temps and weather...
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When is it too COLD???

Postby HESLBAY » January 4th, 2004, 1:07 am

i remember one year in the middle 80's we were riding in munising & it was freaking cold. we had made breakfast reservations at the buckhorn, it was there first year serving breakfast. they called the best western hotel & rang our rooms & said are you still comming for breakfast, we said yes. we went out to start the sleds the pull cords stuck out & had to play with them to get them in took some time to get them all running. when we got there we asked why did you call, he said its -30 with out the wind,& it sure felt like it. the next year we installed out first hand warmers.
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