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05 Polaris opinions wanted (from polaris owners especially)

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05 Polaris opinions wanted (from polaris owners especially)

Postby luvthemud » March 4th, 2004, 6:43 pm

ok, now that everyone knows that the fusion is real, how do you polaris owners feel bout it. a lot of them i know are dissapointed. just wondering, not bashing(yet). i am VERY disappointed with cats 05 lineup and i admit that. can you guys do the same. and anyone that says that the sled is the best must come up with 1 thing on that fusion that is NEW technology to the sport. should be interesting, and the sled isn't out yet so dependability isn't an issue.
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05 Polaris opinions wanted (from polaris owners especially)

Postby 2k2mxz6 » March 4th, 2004, 10:24 pm

I think the manufacturers should concentrate on mid size sleds,to many inexperienced people buying 800 or 900's,insurance costs'.To get back on the subject I like the 50th anniversary xcsp,other than that nothing.I'm dissappointed they didn't make a 500 or 600 fusion,although they are ugly.I think they should concentrate on the 500 abd 600 class' and try to get the fuel injection figured out.
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05 Polaris opinions wanted (from polaris owners especially)

Postby Fully_Direct_Injected » March 5th, 2004, 1:36 am

I agree that they should have come out with a 600 version of the new engine right away and not next year, That is what i'm shopping for. I have a 03 Indy 500, I love it, its a perfect first "big" sled.

Might get surprized with a mid season release. But yes i was dispointed, still nobody really has gotten a chance to make an opinion on the new Cleanfire engine, I wanted DFI!!! the thing grew on me, but i think it will always be fugly, its just the headlights.

Seriously i think they only made them that big because they were more concerned about making the body wide and moving the wind away from the rider, which is a common problem on the rev.

I actually photo expressed the pic and tried to see what ajusting the headlights a bit would look like. here's the link (still dont know how to post pics)

I think it looks alot better with the headlights like that, I also took off the nostrils

So now i'm probably going for a 04 XCSP 600, there is NO difference from 04 to 05 except 05 is ugly with all that black. Also looking at F6 EFI and MXZ 600 SDI.
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05 Polaris opinions wanted (from polaris owners especially)

Postby Xtreme XC » March 5th, 2004, 2:03 am

The only thing I don't care about on the Fusion is the design... Mainly just the hood design. The rest of the sled looks fine. To get really picky they should've put a tilted tunnel on it in the rear for none other than looks...

Other than that the sled (and all the parts that matter) seem great. New items on the sled? Tilt steering for one. Why it took this long to do on a production sled I don't know. DI isn't so much new but the injection in the crankcase is. Same with A-arm front end but a variable caster angle is new. Locking and weatherproof cargo boxes. Headlight design to cast light off to the side as well as forward.
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05 Polaris opinions wanted (from polaris owners especially)

Postby kenlacy » March 5th, 2004, 2:54 am

The more I look at pictures of the fusion , the more acceptable it is becoming (might be the alcohol too).

I think the 900 will be a great sled.

I am dissapointed they didn't come out with a little more. They are saying that anyone who snowchecks a sled this year, doesn't have to put money down (the following year) and is guaranteed the sled of their choice the following year.

Looks like they are really trying to get rid of all dealers inventory so they can go through the whole line next year (yes I said next year, kinda hard to believe I am saying that).

Overall - Disappointed in general - but the Fusion doesn't dissapoint so far (other than looks slightly).
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05 Polaris opinions wanted (from polaris owners especially)

Postby White Lighting » March 5th, 2004, 3:00 am

I think Polaris was dumb to offer the IQ chassis with the 900 motor only. They are basicaly making you chose between the 900 or a an XC which is the same sled thats been around for 4 or 5 years now. My dad was looking forward to snow checking a 05 but didnt want to pay all the money for the 900 so he bought a 03 Pro-x 800 instead. I think the only reason we didnt see more motor options on the fusion is because Polaris wants to get rid of all the left overs first.
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05 Polaris opinions wanted (from polaris owners especially)

Postby Xtreme XC » March 5th, 2004, 3:15 am

White lightning I think that's the deal too (getting rid of leftovers).... and that 2003 Pro-X looks 10 times better than the '05 XC's.
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05 Polaris opinions wanted (from polaris owners especially)

Postby zrcat » March 5th, 2004, 3:48 am

I think everything Poo offers is stupid.....From the names of everything like IQ, and "cleanFire" to the looks and desirgn. It's that simple. Tilt Steering? I have never sat on any brand sled and thought that would be needed. Wait till you poo bags start hammering the Fusion, I garantee there will be a huge amount of stripped or broken locking mechanisims for that tilt. But then again, it's just a cruiser, poo doesn't offer ditchbanging sleds anymore......tee-hee.....
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05 Polaris opinions wanted (from polaris owners especially)

Postby studs4me » March 5th, 2004, 3:50 am

The main focus is Polaris is trying to move into a chassis that represents several technologies already in the other sled makers markets. Alot of people are claiming copied from XXXXXXX and that this is just like that,ect. The polaris supporting public said they wanted this tech on the polaris sled. How Polaris did it and what it was to look like was up to them. Did Polaris fail? I don't think they did. I like the Fusion , I like its style and its package of ideas that it brings to market, some of which are new and never been done before.....most riders can't seem to see that. Thats ok with me, its just that they can't accept anything new from Polaris. The other 3 sled supporters want only same old , same old from Polaris. Sometimes you must believe to be able to see. Most don't believe.
Lastly I am still out and very disappointed about the Pro-X lineup and it being yanked from production. This tells me that the Racing techno' was set shelved for atleast one season while the fusion came front and center. So much for staying with the Jones's on racing.
Time will tell if this works out
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05 Polaris opinions wanted (from polaris owners especially)

Postby leelanaumotorsports » March 5th, 2004, 5:09 am

One thing I have noticed is that no one has really said anything about how different the Sno-X Mod sled spindles and A-arms are. Not just from the Fusion but from anything on the Snow.

I don't like the looks, I do like that it appears to be more of a snowmobile than the REV ie windshield and wind protection, seating options. Just from the actions shots I can see that it must be more of a tradtional rider position with the benifits of centeralized mass. The "only in a 900" thing is typical Polaris, they have done this stuff before... the first domestics were only in RMKs, and only 700cc if I recall correctly.
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