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The good ole days...

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The good ole days...

Postby RIGGS1 » April 23rd, 2004, 3:29 am

[quote]so RIGGS how does it handle on actual trails?? i never rode one so i was wonderin.[/quote]

It handles like it's on rails. Like I said b4, she likes it fast & flat. Moguals are the enemy, they rear suspension sux the sweat off dog balls. I have it clutched to do wheelies from tree to tree right now. Top end is around 112mph it use to be near 120. She only has 7,600m so far. It's a very unforgivng & percise sled, where ever you point it, it will go there in a hurry... it keeps you on your toes.

and Slappy I can't remember a time when I went under 45mph. and who YOU calling old? I'm gonna box your ears next time I see you :)

Pooh, I got a pretty good spine yet. But the SRX is no "bump king" with 3.5" of rear travel and my 200lb frame sitting on it :)
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The good ole days...

Postby cromejob » April 23rd, 2004, 5:00 am

The SRX with pipes is one of the best sounding sleds ever.
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