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5 hunters killed.....

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5 hunters killed.....

Postby MM700 » November 24th, 2004, 8:11 am

I am sorry John, but I disagree with you...again I can not stand when minorities use race as reasoning for breaking the law..if that makes me a biggot so be it...I treat everybody with the same respect they treat me with reguardless of skin color, religion or race...just don't give me this it's racisim, when you break the law or kill somebody...I hate that "I am a victim mentality"'s wrong in my book.....and as far as the Hmong go...I don't know how things are in St Paul....but the hmong in central wisconsin have not adpoted well, to our laws, rules and regulations...some (not all) have far exceeded bag limits fishing and hunting, and pleaded ignorance of the law...You know that little book you get when u get a hunting or fishing license, or here in wisconsin with your snowmobile registration??? tells you all of our state laws and rules, including bag limits....and if you can't read english the wisconsin DNR has hmong translators, that they can call for help on the rules...Ignorance is no excuse....again if that chaps your hide John, sorry...I call em as I see um....I am tired of the WHITE GUYS getting blamed for everything thats wrong in this country...if that makes me a be it.
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5 hunters killed.....

Postby RotaxGuy » November 24th, 2004, 8:43 am

That doesn't make you a bigot MM, but the time you told me to bring my black friend with and you'd bring the rope sure as hell does.
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5 hunters killed.....

Postby JohnPrusak » November 24th, 2004, 9:32 am

I've got to call them as I see them as well, Bryan, and I HATE the fact that people are using this one incident as a "see, I told you so" or "this is proof"-type excuse. YES, there are problems in our society with immigration. YES, there are problems in our society with cultural assimilation. My head is not in the sand on these important issues. But this incident is not proof of anything other than the fact that ONE GUY is a freak. It is not typical behavior for a Hmong or anybody else to do what this jerk did. I'm sure it wasn't the only conflict between people in the northwoods this weekend, but this one guy who was representing ONLY himself just went off. If the guy was a white snowmobiler, and everybody was saying, "That's why snowmobilers should be banned," would that be fair? Of course not, because that snowmobiler wouldn't be representing you or me, he'd be acting on his own. I mean, this Web site trasher board is a perfect example of something: We on here have a lot in common -- 99% of us are caucasian, we live in the snow belt, we share a similar love for the outdoors in the winter, etc. But we don't agree or share the same views on everything, do we? And if one member of this board committed a horrible crime, should we all be locked up? Of course not.

Bottom line: To take what this one guy did and cast shadows on any race, ethnicity, religion, hobby, etc., is just plain factually innacurate, short-sighted, wrong and stupid. It's the easy way out. It's for the weak-minded rubes who don't want to look at people as individuals. It's never happened before and, God help us, it likely won't happen again any time soon. He may have been hunting where he shouldn't have been because of his culture, and that is something that is possible to address. But when he started pulling the trigger and mowing down people, he didn't do it because of his culture or his race or whatever, he did it because he's a freak.
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5 hunters killed.....

Postby proXpilot » November 24th, 2004, 9:45 am

this is what i hunt with!
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5 hunters killed.....

Postby racingatvsleds » November 24th, 2004, 10:03 am

XtremeXC, you should have taken the job at Wausau Metals. You would have been on the side of town where we have a lot of Hmong. One of the Hmong Stores is only 3-4 blocks away.
John, I agree with you to some extent. As I have stated on two separate occasions, the elder Hmong are some of the nicest people you could ever meet. Have a Hmong family that lives a few houses away. The parents aren't too bad, but the kids have an attitude that is not good. Look at which ethnic group is in the gangs in Central Wisconsin. Did we have gangs in the Wausau area before the Hmong came here? No. Unless it is just a coincidence. Look at the DNR Reports in Wisconsin, it might be different in Minnesota, but in Wisconsin they do go over their bag limit more then the rest of us. This incident in Sawyer County was only one person, a freak as John calls him, and I agree...and I agree Tim McVeigh was also a 'freak.' So is it ok to do to Vang what we did to McVeigh? I think so. I also think we should have taken care of the Arab 'freaks' that bombed the World Trade Center the first time, just like we took care of McVeigh. The liberal judges, let those Arabs off, and I sure hope the judges don't let Vang off. I'm not biased...anybody of any race that kills another deserves a shot...whether it is lethal injection, or with a 30 06!
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5 hunters killed.....

Postby MM700 » November 24th, 2004, 11:10 am

Thats true John...but what happens when a tragedy like this happens???
The media digs for answers...and sometimes they dig too deep...the only reason I brought up the racism is: Vang himself is saying they called me "Chink, Gook" as his justification for shooting (7 of the 8 are unarmed)people...unfortunately for innoncent hmong out there..this really did was amplify a cultural problem that has been hiding....especially in central wisconsin...maybe...just maybe some good can comeout of this. I am sure that will be of no condolence to the families and friends of the have no idea how many times, one snowmobiler has closed a trail in my neck of the woods, because of carelessness, littering or many of the non snowmobilers, think that we are all drunken fools, who litter, and have no respect for the land...we all know that not all snowmobilers do that, but they don't....a few bad apples ruin it for all of us.
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5 hunters killed.....

Postby Crackie » November 24th, 2004, 12:06 pm

I don't care what anyone said to anyone. Race has nothing to do with this.

This guy crossed onto Private Property in a different state than he lived in, got caught trying to hunt on land that wasn't his and got asked to leave. Even if those people were like big rednecks calling him names and whatever-intimidating him even-what can you say to someone as they are walking away that would make them open fire and just start shooting people? One teenage boy and younger girl dead-also the other people who were murdered because they may have used derogatory statements against him?

This guy knew what the hell he was doing when he opened up fire and killed all these people. If there was really a threat to him wouldn't all of these " HUNTERS" been able to get a shot at him? Hello. Wouldn't he have had some bulletholes? Then he turns his orange inside out to his camo and hides? Then kills the other two people that pull up on the atv? Yah they're gonna have their guns out to protect if they hear a radio call that someone is shooting everyone! This guy regardless of who he is deserves the rest of his life in jail. No excuses, No bail NOTHING. Let him rot in jail. All these people dead because he wasn't where he was suppose to be w/ the gun he was using....
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5 hunters killed.....

Postby Loudflipper » November 24th, 2004, 12:45 pm

I'm not a racist, I see it as everyone bleeds red. When my Great grand parents came over on the ship there was no free rides, no free housing,etc. They even had to learn there own english. No goverment run english classes back then. Nowadays it's all phucked up. I really don't give a shizz anymore, this country has it's head up it's azz so far theres no no way to get er out. Special interest this, special interest that, your wrong, I'm right. The laws need to be re-wrote and if someone can't hack it in this country tuff shizz. No more freebies that includes everyone. I still say hang that bastard who killed the 6 hunters. It was there land and if they did make racist remarks thats tough shizz for hmong dude. Hope the bastard rots in hell.
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5 hunters killed.....

Postby SALTALAREV » November 24th, 2004, 2:19 pm

I say hang the SOB out of the tree stand he trespassed in. I have no remorse for him and anyone that does should hang their head in shame. I'd say what I really think but I like my screen name so i'll bite my toungue!!!
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5 hunters killed.....

Postby C-ONG » November 24th, 2004, 9:38 pm

Let's take this situation logically. The situation started when the line of public and private land became lost. One must ask if the owner had posted signs, a fence; If he/she did, then the signs/fence would be visible and would connect like a row of dominoes along his/her land. No one would be able to claim the mistake of getting lost on private land. If signs were not put up, then it is possible to find oneself lost, which Vang claimed. Vang was found on a deer stand. Two things, either he was up there looking for deer or a way out.

Say I'm the owner of the land; I come up to a man in a tree on my land and I'm thinking what is this guy doing. The guy up in the tree is thinking two things; 1)damned they found me, or 2)good, someone found me, I can have them show me the way out. Now you being the owner of the land, I'm thinking, I can approach this the american way and talk to the man or the al qaeda way and blast him. If I'm the land owner I would probably consider both. This however isn't just another man, it's a Hmong man, a rice eating, illiterate leech, which would compel me to blast him back to where he came from. Two things stop me. One is the law and the other is that he's holding a gun. Since I can't blast him, I'll call him names and maybe try to scare him with a shot or two to make him run like the yellow bellied bastard that he is; since I got my son with me and everyone else there, I need to act the tough guy role. I mean I can't let this dude slide, what's my son gonna think of me. I proceed to call him names. Now the Hmong man's thinking, what did I get myself into. I don't think that they're just gonna show me the way out. I don't know how many guns they have, I mean everyone is here to hunt so they must all have guns. What if they kill me here and just call it an accident. I came with no one, they're all white and probably related, so they'll stick together. I've got six kids and I don't wanna die.

Vang said that they shot first, they said that Vang shot first; Who is ever going to know, I mean do we have the means of measuring through heat, of the guns, as to which one was fired first, course not?

So Vang says that they shot first, okay well if they did, then if I were Vang, in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by a bunch of people that hate me, I don't know exactly how many guns they have, even if the shot was fired to scare me, I'm freaked alright, I'm really scared. Now being trained in the military, all my training just take over. I gotta live to see my kids, they're shooting at me, I have to defend myself and the only way is to shoot back. It's kill or be killed. They're running back, what if they're running back for a gun. I'm miles from nowhere, if they go back, they'll come back with more guns and more people and more ATVs. The only way is to try and kill them all, it's what is taught in the military.

If Vang shot first, then he did it cause he 1)feared for his life, or he's 2)hiding something, or he's 3)****ed up and crazy. Here in the aftermath we can see that many of the victims didn't have any guns, so the story is told; Common man, it's an annual group of 14-15 who make this trip every year to this place to hunt. How can you hunt with just 1 gun and if someone called me and told me that they have a trespasser up in a tree, like a coon, the first thing i'm going to reach for is my 357 mag and my rifle. Let's get real man, 1 gun, bull****. Anyway, they must have done something to Vang, shot at him, followed him, kept calling him names, whatever.

My point is that we will never know the truth. Vang is gonna get locked up for a long time, cause the folks are going to stick together. We're gonna hate all Hmongs for a long time. The Hmongs ain't going hunting for a while. More deer are going to cross the highways and damage me cars; it's all ****ed up. You know what though, this all could of been prevented if they would have just not spooked the man. Approach the man nicely with respect and ask him to leave your land. If he doesn't, call the cops. Let the cops do it. Why are these people taking the law into their own hands? Do this the American way, the civilized way. I feel bad that all these people had to die or get hurt cause of pride. This situation could and should have been prevented by the land owner. The bible teaches us to forgive those who trespass against us. I truly believe that if Mr. Crotteau would of approached this matter like an american, his son and many others would still be alive today.

About the Hmongs. We all fought together in the Vietnam war, your dad or grandpa is alive cause one of theirs died. Now they're with us in the Iraq war and helping us fund it too. They're always with us. It's One crazy dude, if he is that. We have crazy ones over here too, what about that woman that cut off her kid's arm just the other day. Put yourself in Vang's situation, in the Hmongs situation. Maybe Vang did know that he was on private land, but shooting that deer might be the only source of food for his kids, while you and I shoot for sport. I'll pray for everyone. Damned people, think.
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