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5 hunters killed.....

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5 hunters killed.....

Postby SALTALAREV » November 24th, 2004, 1:33 am

he is going to get exactly what he deserves once they release him into general population! His day's are numbered. F'in POS
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5 hunters killed.....

Postby CheeseSledder » November 24th, 2004, 3:31 am

Did he expect to get treated like a dignitary when he's trespassing, using someone else's tree stand on private property? I don't care what they said to him, he has no right to do what he did and he'll never get out of prison. What a shame though for the families and community. I really don't know why we encourage immigration of these or any other people when we don't even take care of people that are born here. I'm not a rascist, but the Hmongs are not exactly at the top of the humanitarian award list - even stacked up against the other asian peoples. What I don't understand is why the one hunter with the rifle didn't get him while he was shooting at everyone else, must have been pretty scary and confusing. Expect to see more hunters wearing sidearms now?
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5 hunters killed.....

Postby 340Tnt » November 24th, 2004, 3:53 am

I'm sure once he goes to prison, the inmates will give him a nice warm welcome. He'll end up like Jeff Dalmer and Terry Anderson.
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5 hunters killed.....

Postby cromejob » November 24th, 2004, 3:59 am

My God, MM700, I agree with everything in your last post on this tread.......SCARY!
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5 hunters killed.....

Postby JohnPrusak » November 24th, 2004, 4:16 am

Perhaps my biggest pet peeve in life is racism -- can't stand it, there's no place for it in our society, not to mention this board. For that reason, I can't sit on the sidelines on this post anymore.

My view is this: This incident is the result of ONE man who did something so horrible it is hard to comprehend. That said, he is ONE MAN, and his actions in no way reflect upon his race or his background or his religion, or for that matter, his sexual preference, his favorite sport, the brand of truck he drove or the middle name of his oldest son. He is ONE MAN who did something horrible, and it really shouldn't matter if he is Hmong or not.

If he was a white guy would people be on this board calling for all white people to be banned from the country. "They should lock the Wisconsin borders and just keep out the white man?!" When Jeffrey Dahmer (sp?) or Timothy McVeigh (sp?) did their wonderful acts, would it have been fair to blame those acts on all of us white folk?! Of course not. So don't go overboard and blame the acts of this ONE MAN on an entire culture or race or ethnicity. No other Hmong person has ever done this, just like no other white guy in recent history did what McVeigh did in Oklahoma. Should all people of German decent still bear the cross of Adolf Hitler's regime?

Bottom line: It's not fair to pin the actions of this one psycho on anyone or aything other than on him and him alone -- doing anything else is just plain stupid. Some of the posts on here make me sick to my stomache. Open your minds, people. Grow up and look around you -- we live in a diverse world, and horrible, unexplainable crimes are committed every day by INDIVIDUALS of all races.
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5 hunters killed.....

Postby Sledted » November 24th, 2004, 4:46 am

Well said Mr. Prusak.
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5 hunters killed.....

Postby FiredUpRupp » November 24th, 2004, 5:09 am


In my eyes this word is used too much. Our society has grown weak. When my ancestors came over I know they didn't have it easy. It's documented in my family's albums. The racism card is played way too much today. Everybody wants it easy and thats not the way it should be. But I will agree that racism is a problem in many areas. Even if these folks called him every name in the book it still does not condone his actions.

Now I agree with your point that this was the work of an individual and his race in general should not be blamed for this. But what it does do is add fuel to the fire for the people that dislike the Hmongs. You are right a bad guy is a bad guy and he should be punished. But what magnifies it, is the ratios. If a certain race makes up 10% of the population and is responsible for 25% of the crimes there is something wrong there.(Those were dummy numbers)

I personally think that the hmong culture is very slow at adapting to the laws that we have here. Very slow in many cases. They still use their 3rd world way of thinking. Look at the spike in gang activity and criminal activity in the neighborhoods they occupy. Look at the game violations that are committed by these folks. They buy about 2% of all fish and game licenses in MN but yet are responsible for about 23% of all over the limit violations. Somethings not right with those scenarios.

We need to mandate some things with immigrants IMO. You violate laws you get sent back to your homeland along with your family. Were not talking speeding tickets but other stuff. People see some of the week penalties that are handed out and say "Hey this is easy. In my country I would have had my hand chopped off for stealing. I will do 6 months in the clink, get 3 squares and be free again soon". You want to hunt and fish you need to attend classes that are given in ENGLISH. You should come over here on a temporary visa. If you don't want to learn the language and the laws you will go back. We should give them a specified amount of time to learn these things and test them. If they don't pass you send them back. We are facing a huge deficit but yet we find the money to build schools and other things to make life easier. But yet we have to listen to people complain that they don't have enough funding for a school in a rural area because the money is being spent other places. We give people a way to easy time once they come over here. Do you think we would have it easy in their original countries? I don't think so. Now I am not just talking about the Hmongs but all immigrants.

One of my favorite stories is I had court in St. Paul for a speeding ticket I was fighting. The court room was packed and there were many people of different races in there. The judge was very specific and said there are no pagers or cell phones allowed in the court room. Anybody that violates this will be held in contempt and thrown in jail. There were some people of a different nationality sitting in front and they made some comments that most in the courtroom heard. It was spoken in a foreign language that I didn't understand. The judge laughed and said something to the effect of "Do you think I am stupid? That won't work here. You understood me and yes I speak your language and apparently you have a good grasp of the English language so playing dumb won't work here. You will hand them over to the deputy and you can get your items after court is done." He also spoke to them in a foreign language that I personally didn't understand. The mentality that these folks used is what makes people angry. We need to rid them of that.

I personally don't care for their culture. Does that make me a racist? Absolutely not. Does that make them bad people. Not in my book. But the free pass things have to stop.

Sorry about the long rant but I deal with many different breed of folks and can be very passionate about this subject.
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5 hunters killed.....

Postby mtntank » November 24th, 2004, 5:18 am

John, Very PC of you !!! People are ticked off because many of the Hmong people rape & pillage the outdoor recorces in the state of Wisconsin. Its not uncommon!! its fact.
Im sure there are good Hmong people, but they need to take a good hard look at the way they are precieved in the outdoors.
Yes it was ONE GUY and he was HMONG !! = Fact !
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5 hunters killed.....

Postby WIVIPERMAN » November 24th, 2004, 5:44 am

[quote]I would like to know where Funk is on this topic, and HIS thoughts after bustin my ass over a "choing boing" comment that I made.....[/quote]

Pickle,....Don't feel bad!!!!.....Funk has been bustin' on me for calling him a "slang eye"!!!!!
So, I just call Vang the "ANGRY ASIAN"
This guy had plenty of problems long before he shot at & killed 6 hunters!!!!!!!
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5 hunters killed.....

Postby RotaxGuy » November 24th, 2004, 7:48 am

You mean to say there are some racists on this board? What a shocker.
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