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Postby Rotax700x » June 24th, 2001, 1:58 am

This is a fix the site petition.
All in favor post I
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Postby FreezurBurnt » June 24th, 2001, 2:50 am

[b]ride Chelmsford,Northern Ont. area[/b]

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Postby bad-ass-zx800 » June 24th, 2001, 3:31 am

:) this site has many problems.
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Postby BeeeArrrr » June 24th, 2001, 5:19 am

This site has many problems..........
Please fix them..:)

The faster the Better!!!
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Postby MxZ MoonZ » June 24th, 2001, 6:26 am

This place does have a few problems, but what site doens't? Hey Rotax, maybe you'll get enough signs and they'll change the problems! haha i doubt it.

Im back from Vegas guys! I had a blast, lost all the money im just a poor girl...with a sled in the beginning of the summer.

you know me well

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Postby SLEDHEADRED » June 24th, 2001, 8:25 am

LOTS of problems, cant undeerstand why there are STILL so many bugs to work out.
I am constantly having to reload the page to get back to the forum!
Whats up?????????????????????????????????

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Postby Homer J » June 24th, 2001, 11:59 am

Lots of problems that still need to be worked out.I guess JP and staff are busy with other matters but am sure they will get around to them soon.A new chat room is also a must.Later Eh!!!CATS RULE.
Longtime Cat Rider.You know your old when 2-up's make you tinkle!!
Homer J
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Postby Yamaman » June 24th, 2001, 12:28 pm

i agree.
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Postby tnt8000 » June 24th, 2001, 12:49 pm

i agree
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Postby NYSonic » June 24th, 2001, 1:04 pm

I'm gonna hafta agree as well. Is a pain reloading the forum after a post.
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