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What Ticks you off...

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What Ticks you off...

Postby ZR500PA » August 8th, 2001, 3:29 am

Guys with high horsepower over studded sleds spinning all the snow out of the turns on the only road in and out for gas and food!!!!!!!
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What Ticks you off...

Postby NorthernSkunk » August 8th, 2001, 4:50 am

Zrcat I never said anything bad about the engine, I ran my sled hard with lots of wide open lake runnin. The motor never gave me a problem. Had a peek inside the jugs before we put her away and it looked nice. I loved drivin this sled whether it was down a twisty bush trail or across a drifted lake. The ditches were a bit of a workout but very entertaining. I see cat has fixed some of what I mentioned already so I'm sure my next ride will be just fine, unless I listen to maxi and go with a lowered mxzx440.
Na i'm done with you, your to much of an ass for me!

Your on a need to know basis and since you never come out here you don't need to know....
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