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Top three places to ride....

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Top three places to ride....

Postby Longtrack Lady » August 15th, 2001, 12:36 pm

Hmmm. How about places I've never snowmobiled!

1. Alaska
2. Colorado
3. Back East 1 time with you guys so I could figure out what you all talk about and why. LMAO

Longtrack Lady
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Top three places to ride....

Postby Rotax700x » August 15th, 2001, 4:25 pm

#2)U.P. of Michigan

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Top three places to ride....

Postby ArcticEd » August 15th, 2001, 11:13 pm

In no particular order................
West Yellowstone
St Zenon
Tug Hill
..............or right at home!

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Top three places to ride....

Postby zert » August 16th, 2001, 1:03 am

I live in the UP of Michigan and highly recommend riding up here to anyone who gets the chance. It is worth the time to drive up. My first choice would be anywhere out west where I could ride in the deep powder and spend all day jumping drifts and hills. Maybe some day.
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Top three places to ride....

Postby NYSonic » August 16th, 2001, 1:25 am

My top 3 are :
1) Canada
2) Yellowstone
3) Tug hill
Been to tug hill before...very cool :)
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Top three places to ride....

Postby drifter7 » August 16th, 2001, 2:23 am

North Shore Minnesota
Northwestern Wisconsin
Black Hills South Dakota
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Top three places to ride....

Postby westisbest » August 16th, 2001, 2:52 am

top three from a western rider

1)revelstoke bc. you can ride there for a week and never see the same country. lots of steep and you can bring along the women because the ride between most of the hills isn't to bad.

2)golden bc. only an hour and a half from revelstoke but totally different riding. extreme only. grip the throttle and hold on tight. most straight up and down stuff with lots of great views.

3)priest lake idaho. this is where i grew up and within an hour and a half from there you will have some great hill climbing and lots of rolling hills to play on.

most of these places show up on the extreme productions videos. they go there because they are the best.
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