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Want to bash brands? Go ahead on this board. Profanity, personal attacks or sexual references will not be tolerated and will be deleted.


Postby 2002XCSP700 » October 28th, 2001, 1:02 pm

Ole' Ryan turns sissy.....NO SLED!!! You Smokin CRACK or WHAT???!!!
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Postby NorthernSkunk » October 28th, 2001, 1:25 pm

he may be whipped guys, the polar guys know all about that lol.
Na i'm done with you, your to much of an ass for me!

Your on a need to know basis and since you never come out here you don't need to know....
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Postby (RYAN) » October 28th, 2001, 2:39 pm

Something came up in the family and now i have no money. I'll have to ride a family loaner sled this year.

Formules S with green hood..(Original hood was smashed).. has complete purple package....EWWWWWWWWWWW! almost looks as bad as XC'S sled. lol

14000kms on the speedo.
I'm in for it!..

And MoonZ, No i don't wanna race you dear!!!

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Postby bluemoose600 » October 28th, 2001, 10:54 pm

Cheer up buddy, things will get better. When things get bad just do what I do, sing a few lines of the song "The Sun Will Come Out Tomarrow". You will get so annoyed by that f@%kin song you'll forget about everything else.
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