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UGLY === Goooooood!!!

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UGLY === Goooooood!!!

Postby kenlacy » October 29th, 2001, 1:37 pm

Who in the hell would ever buy an aztec - it has to be the ugliest frickin thing I've seen in my life. Well almost, there are Artic Cats!
Recently I was asked to play in a golf tournament.

At first I said, "Naw, I haven't been playing that well."

Then they said to me, "Come on, it's for handicapped and blind kids."

Then I thought...

Chit, I could win this!
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UGLY === Goooooood!!!

Postby Xtreme XC » October 29th, 2001, 1:45 pm

If the hood was a decoy it wouldn't be that involved with a design and detailed. That hood style WILL be in production.
Xtreme XC
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UGLY === Goooooood!!!

Postby M-52 » October 29th, 2001, 1:57 pm

im gonna go out on a limb here and say that i like the way it looks. i dunno why but it apeals to me.
i like the 2 piece black and green hood and with the blacked out lights it looks really good.
my 2 cents
I freeride atvs.
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