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Wells guys i did it

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Wells guys i did it

Postby XC-Rider » November 3rd, 2001, 6:14 am

Way to go baz! SonicBaz does have a nice sound to it.. :)

Is it winter yet???
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Wells guys i did it

Postby mtntank » November 3rd, 2001, 9:40 am

I know i read the post right.I just cant believe it.XC8oo and the clothes too? GENUINE POLARGOON nah cant be CAN IT?MR DOO on a PULURASS?OH MAN ZR8s are going to spank ya badass.HE HE HE LOL
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Wells guys i did it

Postby MXZ700SPORT » November 3rd, 2001, 5:44 pm

Sorry, at least there will be one less person on the trails.

Ski-Doo, It's that simple
Ski-Doo, It's that simple.
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