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Military Service

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Military Service

Postby mxzx7 » December 5th, 2001, 3:02 am

4 years-U.S Air Force- Guam, Cali.--ended up in 12 other countries-worked on C-5 cargo plane.wish I had one so I could load up my sled and about 200 buddies sleds and head
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Military Service

Postby PolarisIndy » December 5th, 2001, 6:08 am

Hey Ed, I used to read the Wingman books all the time. Can't find them anymore... :( Is there a place online to buy them??? Wanted to be a pilot when I was younger... Eyesight screwed me :( Now I'm just an Systems Engineer, not nearly as exciting ;)
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Military Service

Postby Burky » December 5th, 2001, 10:43 am

Spent 20 years in the Navy entering in 77 retiring in 97. I was one of the guys that direct the aircraft around on the carrier and run towards the burning aircraft when it happens. Was onboard USS Dwight D Eisenhower when it was first commissioned, and returned to it in 86. Spent time on various carriers, and amphibious ships, shore duty running air terminals and as an instructor and training course writer/developer. Had a great time and did see the world, but am very satisfied now to be retired. It's a younger man's game and I eventually aged out of it.
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Military Service

Postby Snoguy » December 5th, 2001, 11:32 am

I know this should have been posted(Subject) in general, but I was in U.S.M.C. from '83 to '87 and was amphibian assult vehicle mechanic. I know this is a trasher board,but claiming to be the captain of a navy ship when they never even served? Sorry, it goes against my grain. B.S against sleds, but not against people serving our country. Just my opionin
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Military Service

Postby ArcticEd » December 5th, 2001, 6:07 pm

I got through to #12, I think, and then lost track of them for a while, the I found a new one one day, buy it was out of sequence, I had missed 2 books, and it was about the space shuttle.....I never really got into it, and put it away. I just started to re-read the original WINGMAN last week one night, if it doesn't snow soon, i might get back into them.

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Military Service

Postby CatmanZR800 » December 6th, 2001, 1:22 am


Sorry if I offended you...we all just need a sense of humor to lighten the load right now.

If I really didn't care about the service, why would I study up on it so much?

I was fortunate to not have been drafted during the Vietnam War, It ended the year I graduated from high school (1975). And as you know, this war was fought with rules and you can't win with rules. It was a "Death Wish" war if you were sent over there. It's nice to see the U.S. has finally woken up and started to fight a war smartly and without rules (as in Desert Storm and the Taliban war).

And yes, I would have fought for our Country if you're wondering why I used the word, "fortunate" in the previous paragraph. I would have become a real pilot and an officer since I have a 4 year college degree, if I had to serve. My goal at the time was a graphics degree, a degree that doesn't fit in the service, if you're wondering why I didn't go to military school for my degree.

So relax man! I have respect for people in the service! I again apologize if my previous post ticked you off.

As you already know, 2k2mxz6's post was in the wrong section.

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Military Service

Postby Catrocks » December 6th, 2001, 8:39 am

Hey snoguy chill a little I had to admit that I did smile all the way through that because any O6 that I ever knew probably wouldn't be on the trashers board anyways.

Air Force, 4 years, 1986-1990, Grand Forks ND, Offut in Omaha, and spent 90 days in the biggest sh!t hole on the earth Saudi, I don't even want to get started on that. I was a comm operator and got to play with all kindsa neet gadgets that I can't talk about. Got a couple a guys from Bama to go ridin with me and they go come here once a year and they go west once a year, they love it, although it sounds funny to hear that southern drawl come across the communicator.



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Military Service

Postby Snoguy » December 6th, 2001, 10:49 am

Sorry,guys.CatmanZR800 made peace with me,and I sent him an E-mail telling him,I hope, that I took his post way too sereios(I need spellcheck)Must be all that green stuff out there,getting on my nerves. I saw a guy walking around in shorts yesterday. Must have shorted out any logic thinking that's left.Sorry. Snoguy
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