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Want to bash brands? Go ahead on this board. Profanity, personal attacks or sexual references will not be tolerated and will be deleted.


Postby phazer_lady » December 7th, 2001, 6:41 am

Hi, my name is Kim.

I've heard alot about this snowmobilenews site so I figured I'd finally check it out for myself.
I hope you give me a friendly welcoming.

This is my first year getting into the sport and I think I'll have alot of fun.

I just bought a '94 Phazer [I know, a yami-dog] but oh well, It should be just fine for my 1st year of riding.

Here, let me tell you abit about it of what the guy wrote down.

'94 Phazer Le
It's red
485 fan cooled twin
aaen pipe
boyseen reeds
96 studs
ats plastic skies
New 1 inch challenger track
he said around 90 miles per hour
It has 5000 miles on it.
For $1200 american funds I didn't think it was a bad deal.

Well, just another chick of very few on the boards. Lets ride guys.

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Postby CatmanZR800 » December 7th, 2001, 7:00 am


Nothing wrong with the sled you bought. Sure it's a bashing board, but what the hell, you have a sled!

Better than sitting at home watching TV reruns and eating "bon-bons" all winter, right? Peg Bundy did that on "Married With Children." I've been watching way too much TV since there's no snow......"bon-bons" aren't bad either, I found out! LOL!

Anyway, you'll be surprised how fast winter will fly by when there's something to do outdoors. That's what's great about living in parts of the country where you have four's the best way to live and have fun!

I wish there would be more women joining the forum since sledding is a "unisex" sport. It's nice to hear women's opinions once in a while rather than guys opinions on sleds everyday.

What state/province do you live in? Any snow there yet?

Welcome aboard!
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Postby SlapNuts » December 7th, 2001, 7:03 am

You sound very nice, welcome to our nightma.... erh I mean friendly trash board. I am sure you will find a lot of new friends here, we are all nery nice with the exception of maybe 1 or 2.

Your Phazer sounds great, I just bought my son a black 96, but his is pretty much stock. I am not sure why I bought him a piece of crap Yamaha, because Yamahas really suck. You should have gone with Polaris if you wanted something with balls between your legs. It's nice to meet you and I hope you enjoy your riding this winter, have a nice day.
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Postby CatRider800 » December 7th, 2001, 7:06 am

Nice sled.. but correction to Slapnuts message... get a cat if u want real power.... Oh well, hope u have fun this winter, i know i will
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Postby maxiracer » December 7th, 2001, 7:09 am

Welcome to board Kim, it's a trashers paradise here most of the time, so don't let some of the guys get to you! Most of us are nice. Sounds like a sweet ride, I have a buddy with over 12,000 miles on his 91 phazer, still goes strong. Have fun here!:)
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Postby MxZ MoonZ » December 7th, 2001, 7:21 am

Hey Phazer Lady,

Welcome to Trasher board. (Right now, the guys are only trying to impress you, don't buy it ;) )

I am another girl that comes on here and trasher as much as I possibly can. But you have to watch out for the weird ones, like Skunk...He's one of a kind.

Well, Have fun posting, looking foward to talking to you in the post. Have a great day.
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Postby tcat2 » December 7th, 2001, 7:29 am

It's always nice to have another lady on board ... but I seem to remember somebody meentioning that a picture is required in order to become fully accepted.... he,he,he,he,he,he
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Postby ArcticEd » December 7th, 2001, 7:32 am

DOWN, BOY, DOWN...........BAD TCAT !

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Postby RyMachZ » December 7th, 2001, 7:34 am

.....Welcome Kim
Have fun on the trasher board..

Watch out for that ArcticEd guy. I've heard some interesting stories about him.
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Postby Trail Cat » December 7th, 2001, 7:36 am

This post displays a very important principle. It shows the two things we are all most interested in. Sleds #1, Females #2. Except when there is no snow like now and #1 & #2 tend to switch
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