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oval season opens sunday at................

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oval season opens sunday at................

Postby ostapowich » December 7th, 2001, 2:05 pm

the oval season opens up sunday at beausejour.
look for my teammates chris hortness and jeremy johnson to place high in the standings,,,,and of course terry wahl
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oval season opens sunday at................

Postby OldCatRacer » December 7th, 2001, 2:28 pm

Go get'em kid. You won't get much response on here. These guys are all trail riders except a couple.
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oval season opens sunday at................

Postby PowDar » December 7th, 2001, 2:32 pm

I tell, ya, I never saw an oval race before but they look more exciting to me than snocross. I think it'd be a blast! (Only ever saw it on those Snowmotion videos from 10 years ago...)
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oval season opens sunday at................

Postby Hairball » December 7th, 2001, 2:47 pm

It was great in the 70's when the banks where in place for cornering but when they changed over to the ice racing that pretty much finished it for me . Snowcross is really good if the track is long and well setup.
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