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My opinion on loud exhaust......

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My opinion on loud exhaust......

Postby MachZE » January 15th, 2002, 2:08 am

Question for you all. Do you have aftermarket exhaust {pipes and/or cans} on your sled? Are they close to stock in noise level or much louder? I read the editors comments in the Feb. 2002 Snow Tech that I found disturbing. As the owner of a sled with louder than stock exhaust, I took offense to his article. There was ALOT of speculation to what was the single most threatning aspect to our sport. {Louder exhaust} The noise of my sled is no worse than a Harley going through town with drag pipes. This editor was also offering up suggestions to "remedy" the situation, such as noise standards and everyone being accountable. He was puckering up and kissing the a$$es of the oppressors. I personally like the sound of my sled. I'm not hanging out in towns, racing through them, I'm simply moving through and getting out. This is just another case of discrimination against us by our own. People planning or living in Wisconsin know what I'm talking about. What is your opinion? Just curious.

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My opinion on loud exhaust......

Postby Mainecat » January 15th, 2002, 2:18 am

MXZ I use to mod all my sleds but this year I just added a D&D clutch kit. The new sleds are coming stock with pretty good hp numbers. If you need more hp than a 800 twin then your gonna up your chances of gettin killed. As for noise... some pipes are obnoxious. The quiter the better for me. The new 4 strokes are the answer to noise pollution. Loud pipes on Harleys really piss me off sometimes. The argument of loud pipes save lives maybe works on bikes but not on sleds. Quiet sleds are the future. Just my 2 cents from my old guy point of view!
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My opinion on loud exhaust......

Postby Drewman » January 15th, 2002, 2:39 am

Personaly I love a loud exaust, you could cover a garage door with all the open header tickets I got when I was younger. But, alot of people don't and there the ones that go to town council meetings and pitch a b***h. Its the little old lady that lives on the edge of town that got woken up one time by one loud sled that forever will VOTE AGAINST anything to do with snowmobiles. Motorcycles like cars have a right to be on public roads, loud ones get ticketed, but the road is still there to use. If enough little old ladies get pissed we lose a trail. My opinion, keep it quite, or keep it on the track______________DREW

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My opinion on loud exhaust......

Postby Xtreme XC » January 15th, 2002, 3:06 am

Loud is COOL!!... as long as it sounds good. I have a aftermarket pipe but it doesn't sound much different than stock.
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My opinion on loud exhaust......

Postby straycat » January 15th, 2002, 3:25 am

I have to tell you, I like a deep throghty exaughst my self. I have pipes on my sled and I love them. They ar ea little louder than stock but not by much.
Lets face it, sleds are loud. even straight from the factory. But let me tell you a secret.
The Db. rating that aplly to sleds are the same as to an automobile. Well as we all know there is a big diff. in the two. Olav Aaen is fighting this now, to chance the Db ratings for sleds.
Another secret that some may not know, I talked to a DNR agent this year at a snowshow. I asked him if they were tickiting after market exaust, and how they measure exaughst Db. This is what he said,
" We cannot tickit a sled for having an after market exaughst HOWEVER, We can tickit you for being loud. Most sleds DO NOT pass the Db test from the FACTORY. If you get stoped for having a loud exaughst and it is stock, It is the O.E.M.s' fault and YOU can not be issued a tickit. If you get stoped and have an aftermarket exaughst, It is YOUR problem because the O.E.M. did not put it on there."
I then asked him how they test for Dbs' and this iis what he told me,
" For a true test, We take a sled running at WOT (wide open throtle) And run it threw two Db meters, located at 50 ft. away, on each side of the sled. We then take that reading multipy it by 1.5, and it can not exceed 89 Db."
So by this, A DNR agent cannot give you a ticket for idle noise.
But I say if you are out side a bedroom window reving your sled and being a jackass. You deserve what you get! So respect the land owners so we don't loose our trails. But, if you are miles from any residence..... who realy cares.
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My opinion on loud exhaust......

Postby ZRT800 » January 15th, 2002, 5:39 am

I love the sound of pipes! But I would never put them on my own sled. I do a lot of riding at night & think the loud pipes are inconsiderate to those that are trying to sleep. Yes, most riding is done far away from houses, but you still have to get home. Plus most of my riding is up at the cottage & cruising down a lake at 2 am with a stock sled probably wakes up a few people. With pipes I guarantee you would wake up everyone!! But they do sound awesome!!!
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My opinion on loud exhaust......

Postby PowDar » January 15th, 2002, 6:41 am

Where we ride, the closest residence is about 10 km cross country over the hills and through the trees. That is a close as we get. And, we got a couple sledheads on our town council, so they keep things in order!
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My opinion on loud exhaust......

Postby Burky » January 15th, 2002, 11:38 am

I have an aftermarlet silencer on my 700. It isn't louder than stock in it's volume, but it has a decidedly different tone from the stocker. I love the sound, but I am careful not to get on the throttle near homes at night, and do that whether I am riding the 700 or the bone stock 500. Actually, to me the 500 has the more irritating tone to listen to, more of a rattling two stroke buzzing sound than the 700.
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My opinion on loud exhaust......

Postby polarisman415 » January 15th, 2002, 11:46 am

Atleast snowmobiles are driving through the woods and not down the roads like those hog Harly's.
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My opinion on loud exhaust......

Postby KneeDeepInSnow » January 15th, 2002, 11:59 am

I like the lower sounding sleds...
love the sound of a sled at idle....sounds amazing
I don't like hte high pitch wine of sleds...the deeper ones dont sound so annoying

What would be cool is if some companys could make pipes with a db regulator or a little lever that changes the exhaust's "profile" and internal dimensions...... that way you could ride loud and when you get near a town, pop the hood and slide the lever on each pipe...sneak through whisper'd take two second and would be super easy....that my friend is innovation

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