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This is BS

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This is BS

Postby straycat » January 18th, 2002, 12:50 am

same here in wisconsin.
The DNR (department of natural resourses) Has more power than the DEA! Here in wisconsin, If you even turn a corner at night with your head lights on, You can be surched for "shining" (poaching at night) And god forbid you have a gun in the the trunk cased and locked. They will take your truck, your boat, your house, your guns, fishing tackle, dog, wifes car, pots, pans, love seat, sofa, the big screen, your highschool girl freind, and anything else they can get there hands on! It is rediculous!
Good luck to you and your father! I hope you beat these bastards!
Till the speed overcomes the fear of death!

Long live the cat!
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This is BS

Postby SNOBALLZ » January 18th, 2002, 9:24 am

Hey, X....gimme the lil' pricks name, and I'll make his life a veritable HELL!
These morons need to know where the line is.....I can make him SEE THE LIGHT!
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